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How to Check iOS and iPadOS Version

Identify the iOS version of the iPhone for upgradation.

iOS is the operating system of the iPhone and it is developed by Apple. The iOS software is designed for iPhone product launch and it was made applicable to iPod Touch, iPad devices. It gets updated every year and the current iOS version is iOS 15. There are also mini-updates under the version. You have to know the current iOS version on the device for updating the software. The new software version brings advanced features and an improved interface. Apple launches every iOS update with innovative ideas. In the below section, we will learn how to check the iOS version on the iOS device.

It is simple to identify the current iOS version of your device from the General settings. The iOS version is necessary to know the compatibility of the device for installing a new app.

How to Check iOS Version on iPhone

(1). Unlock your iPhone and click Settings to open.

(2). Select General in the Settings.

Choose General

(3). Click the About option at the top.

Select About in the General Settings to check iOS version

(4). Look at the Software version to check your iOS version.

Look at the Software Version

(5). Select Software Update in the General Settings.

(6). Check for the new software update for the iPhone

(7). Click Download and Install to update the iOS version.

Select Download and Install - How to Check iOS version

How to Check iPadOS Version on iPad

iPad devices utilized iOS until the iPadOS was created in 2019. It comes adjacent to the new iOS update. The first iPadOS was iPadOS13. The iPadOS is similar to the iOS and it has a new update every year. You can find a slight variation in the updates since it is for iPad devices.

(1). Launch the iPad device and browse for Settings.

(2). Click Settings to open and move to the General.

(3). Open the General Settings and click About.

Click About in General Settings

(4). Check the Software Version in the list of information.

Check the iOS software version

(5). Go back to the General Settings on the iPad device.

(6). Scroll down and choose Software Update.

(7). Select Download and Install to update the new software.

Select Download and Install to update

Thus, we have come across the procedure to check the iOS version. The iPhone and the iPad device have an Automatic Update option to download and install the update instantly. It will download the software while the device is charging and connected to the Wi-Fi network. The update will be installed overnight once it is downloaded.

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