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How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

Clear Instagram cache on your iPhone and free up some space on your iPhone.

Clearing the cache files will improve the performance of your device. Instagram is one of the popular and best social media platforms widely used among many users worldwide. Even though Instagram comes with attractive features, it holds and saves the cache files, pictures, personal information, and videos on your device. Now, it is easy for iPhone users to clear the cache files. If you want to know how to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone, do follow the instructions given below.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

iPhone users can use the below mentioned methods to clear the cache files from their iPhone.

  1. Clearing the Cache manually on iPhone
  2. Deleting the cache permanently on iPhone

Method 1: Delete The Instagram Cache Manually On iPhone

Unlike Android devices, there is no direct way to delete the Instagram cache on iPhone. The only way to clear it is by uninstalling the app and then reinstall it from the App Store.

[1] Unlock your iPhone and navigate to the Settings icon.

[2] Navigate to General > iPhone storage.

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone

[3] Here, you will get the list of app available on your iPhone.

[4] Select the Instagram app from the list.

[5] The screen will display the app’s data and the option to delete it.

[6] Click on the Delete App option.

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone

[7] Now, the cache files along with Instagram app will be removed from your iPhone.

[8] Once the app is deleted, you can re-install it from the play store if you want.

Method 2: Clear the Instagram Cache Permanently Without Uninstalling the App

This method involves using an third-party app which may posses security threat to your device. So it is recommended to use. Still if you want to this method, try it at your own risk.

There are various tools available for iPhone. Here, we have used iMyFone Umate Pro for demonstration. It is available for both Windows and macOS platforms.

[1] Connect your iPhone to the PC under the same connection.

[2] Launch the iMyFone app and click on the 1-Click Free Up Space option located on the right top corner of your screen.

click 1-click free up space optiom

[3] You need to choose Quick Scan option.

click quick scan

[4] You device will start to scan the cache files on your iPhone device. You can see the scanning process on the window screen.

[5] Once the device finishes scanning, select the Clean option located next to Junk Files and Temporary Files.

click clean option.

[6] Now, the Instagram cache along with other app cache files will be removed from your iPhone.

The above-mentioned methods will make you clear the cache files easily without taking too much time. It is mandatory to clear the junk and cache files to save your phone storage memory and to boost the overall performance of the device. Hope this article gives you an clear idea and helped you in a better way.

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