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How to Connect Switch to TV Without Dock in 2 Ways

Play games on TV from Switch without dock.

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  • Without Dock: Disconnect USB-C and HDMI CableConnect USB-C and HDMI Cable to HDMI Adapter Connect Adapter to Switch Select InputStart Playing.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most favorite gaming consoles among game lovers. If you want to play your favorite game on the big screen, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV using the dock, which is also used to charge the Switch. But what if your dock is broken? This is the most common question raised among Switch users. Fortunately, the answer is YES. You can now connect the Switch to the TV without needing a dock.


Before you begin the process, make sure you have the below-mentioned gadgets.

  • Nintendo Switch Adapter
  • USB Type-C Cord
  • HDMI Cord
  • Tripod Stand or Holder
  • Charging Adapter

How to Connect Switch to TV Without a Dock

1. First, plug out the USB-C and HDMI cables at the back of the dock.

 plug out the USB-C and HDMI cables

2. Locate your Nintendo Switch on a flat surface.

3. Connect the USB Type-C and HDMI cables to the HDMI adapter.

 HDMI adapter-  Connect Switch to TV without Dock

4. Next, connect the HDMI adapter to the Nintendo Switch.

5. Choose the correct input on your TV and turn on Nintendo Switch.

Tip! If your Nintendo Switch doesn’t turn on due to technical issues, you can try the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue instantly.

6. Finally, you can start playing your favorite games on your TV.

How to Connect Switch OLED to TV Without a Dock

You can even connect your Switch OLED to the TV without a Dock.

1. First, remove the back cover of your dock.

2. Disconnect the HDMI and USB Type-C cables from the dock.

3. Place the tripod stand near your TV.

Place the tripod stand

4. Plugin the HDMI and USB Type-C cables into your TV.

5. Now, close the back cover of the dock.

6. Remove the Joy-Con controllers from the Switch.

7. Power on your TV and select the correct HDMI input channel.

8. Switch on your Console and start playing your favorite game.

Tip! Restart your Nintendo Switch gaming console if you experience issues, such as freezing, while playing games.

How to Connect Switch to TV With Dock

If you feel uncomfortable without a dock, you can connect the Switch to your TV using it.

1. First, open the back cover of the dock.

2. Connect one end of the USBC and HDMI cables to the dock.

Connect one end of the USB-C

Note: Use only the cables you received with the Nintendo Switch.

3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on your TV.

4. Connect the Console’s power adapter to the wall outlet.

5. Now, close the back cover of the dock and place the dock near your TV.

6. Place the Switch into the dock, and the small charging indicator pops up on the screen.

7. Remove the Joy Controllers from the Switch.

8. Turn on your TV, choose the correct HDMI input and start playing.

Can You Connect Nintendo Switch Lite to TV Without Dock?

Unfortunately, you can’t connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to the TV. Because the Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with video/output components and is made for handheld use. Hence, it can’t display on the external screen. The USB port on the Nintendo Switch Lite is used only for charging purposes. So it is possible to connect only your Switch to the Television with and without a dock.

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