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How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Messenger

If you are no longer using Messenger app, you can deactivate it on your device.

Messenger, an instant messaging service owned by Facebook, can do a lot more than sending texts or pictures. The downside of Messenger is that it doesn’t encrypt your conversations. Moreover, the app needs your camera, microphones and contacts access to work properly. If you decided to deactivate Facebook Messenger, you can do it easily by following this guide.

Steps to Deactivate Facebook Messenger

In order to deactivate your Facebook Messenger, you have to deactivate your Facebook account first. After deactivating your Facebook account, follow these steps to deactivate your messenger:

(1) Open the messenger app.

(2) Click the profile icon on the top left corner.

(3) Scroll down to the bottom and select Legal & Policies.

Deactivate Facebook Messenger

(4) Select Deactivate Messenger.

Note: You can’t find the deactivate option if you haven’t deactivated your FB account.

(5) Enter your Facebook password and click Continue.

(6) Click Deactivate to confirm the process.

After deactivating your Messenger, the messages and chat history will not be deleted from your account. You can reactivate your messenger by logging in with the Facebook username and password.

Note: Reactivating your FB messenger will reactivate your Facebook user account.

How to Turn off Facebook Messenger?

If you decided not to leave the Facebook Messenger entirely, here are the steps to turn off it:

(1) Open the Messenger app and click the Profile icon.

(2) Scroll down and select Active Status.

Turn Off Facebook Messenger

(3) Turn off it.

(4) Now, you will be shown as inactive for other users.

(5) Head to the Settings app and turn off the notifications for Facebook Messenger.

Turn off Facebook Messenger

How to Delete your Facebook Messenger?

To delete your Facebook messenger permanently, you need to remove or delete account permanently. After deleting your Facebook account, you need to wait for a few months to remove the data completely. Follow the steps mentioned above if you’re using the standalone Messenger app without any FB account.

Did You Know? Facebook Messenger is one of the best chat apps for Android.

How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger?

To delete a message within the conversation:

  • Open the messenger app and navigate to the conversation where you need to delete a message.
  • Open the conversation.
  • Long press the message/picture that you want to delete.
  • Tap Remove and click Remove for You.

To delete a entire conversation:

  • Open the app and navigate to the conversation that you want to delete.
  • Long the conversation name and click the Delete icon.
  • Tap DELETE.

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