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How to Delete Stories on TikTok App [Easy Way]

Delete the TikTok story right away within a few seconds.

Key Highlights

  • Android/iOS: Profile Story Menu (three horizontal dots) → Delete Delete

Social media apps introduce new features to users to keep them engaged and improve their experience. Like creating stories on Snapchat, TikTok introduced the Stories feature earlier this year. With stories, you can crisply post content. However, if you have accidentally posted the wrong video or unwilling to keep it live, you can delete the stories on TikTok immediately.

How to Delete Stories on TikTok App

You can delete the stories within a few seconds on your TikTok application. In addition, the steps to remove the stories are similar on Android and iPhone.

[1] Launch the TikTok app on your smartphone [iPhone/Android]

[2] After launching the app, tap the Profile icon on the Home screen.

Click Profile icon

[3] Once the Profile page appears, tap the Profile picture to view your TikTok stories.

Note: If you have uploaded a story on TikTok, your Profile picture’s layout will be highlighted.

Click the Profile picture

[4] Next, you can see the horizontal meatball icons (three dots) on the right in the list of options. Tap on it.

Click Menu to delete TikTok stories

[5] You can see the pop-up with options like Save Video, Privacy settings, Send to, Delete, and More.

Tips! You can tap Save Video to save the TikTok video on your smartphone before deleting it.

Select Delete option

[6] Once you tap Delete, a pop-up message will appear. Tap Delete to remove the story. If you like to keep it posted, tap Cancel.

[7] Hit Delete, and you’re done.

Hit Delete to delete TikTok stories

[8] The story will be deleted, and the highlighting circles will disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to delete search history on TikTok?

Launch the TikTok app, tap ProfileThree-line iconSettings and privacyWatch HistorySettings (top right) → Clear HistoryClear. You can also clear the cache on TikTok to delete the search history.

2. Can you delete the liked videos on TikTok?

Yes. You can easily delete the liked videos on TikTok. First, you need to find the liked videos on TikTok. Tap Profile → Tap the Heart tab to see the liked videos and delete the desired ones.

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