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How to Deactivate/Delete Twitter Account Permanently

If you are done with Twitter, then it's time to delete your account!

Key Highlights

  • PC: Log inProfileMoreSettings and Privacy AccountDeactivate accountDeactivate.
  • App: ProfileSettings and Privacy AccountDeactivate accountDeactivate.

Twitter is one of the most used social media apps worldwide. Most users use Twitter to witness the latest news and trending topics in their country/region. Also, Twitter releases updates frequently to enhance the user experience. The platform is currently working on Twitter CoTweets, where the tweets can be posted in collaboration with authors. Though there are multiple features, if you are not interested in using the Twitter account, you can delete/deactivate it permanently.

Things to Remember Before Deleting a Twitter account

Deactivating or deleting a Twitter account will not resolve account issues like

  • Messages sent by unknown users
  • Missing Tweets
  • Incorrect followers or following counts

If you want to change your username or email, then deleting the account isn’t required.

When you deactivate your Twitter account, then your username, display name, public profile, etc., will not be available on Twitter.

Twitter account will be deleted only after 30 days of deactivating your account.

If you want to delete a tweet on Twitter, it is a different process.

How to Deactivate/Delete Twitter Account

Twitter allows user to delete their account on smartphones/PC.

How to Delete Twitter Account on PC

(1) Launch any browser on Windows or Mac. For instance, Google Chrome.

(2) Navigate to from the search bar.

(3) Click login shown on the official web page of Twitter.

Sign into to Twitter Account
Sign into Twitter Account

(4) Provide your phone/email/username and password on respective fields. Click Log in.

Enter Username and Password
Enter Username and Password

Note: Skip Steps 2 and 3 by visiting directly to provide Twitter login details in the above screen.

(5) Click More on the left side of your Twitter page. You can find it below the Profile.

Click on More button

(6) On the drop-down menu, select Settings and privacy.

Settings and Privacy - Delete Twitter Account

(7) You will find the Deactivate My Account under the Accounts section. Click on it.

Deactivate your Account - Delete Twitter Account

(8) A new window will open. Click Deactivate to confirm your action.

Delete Twitter Account

(9) If prompted, provide your Twitter account password to confirm deleting it.

Note: It takes 30 days to delete a Twitter account permanently, and meanwhile, you can reactivate it anytime in between.

How to Delete Twitter Account on Smartphone [Andorid/iOS]

(1) Open the Twitter app on your Android/iOS phone.

(2) Tap Menu or three dots to select Profile on Android. On iOS, tap on the Profile icon.

Settings and Privacy

(3) Select Settings and privacy and click Account.

Accounts tab

(4) Choose Deactivate your account option after reading account deactivation details.

Deactivate your account - Delete Twitter Account

(5) Provide the password when you get a prompt message. Then tap on Deactivate.

Delete Twitter Account

(6) Hit “Yes, deactivate” to confirm deleting your Twitter account.

How to Reuse a Twitter Name After Deleting

If you want your username and email for re-use, you should change the username on Twitter before you deactivate your Twitter account.

  • On the Twitter website, click Profile to select Settings and Privacy.
  • Type in a new username in the username field. Similarly, enter a new email id and click the Save Changes option.
  • Provide your password to confirm changes. With this, your username and email will be available later.
  • Now proceed with deleting the Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to delete messages on Twitter?

If you are about to delete your Twitter account, you can delete the messages on Twitter using the browser and mobile app.

2. How to use Safety Mode on Twitter?

If you need more safety and privacy, you can enable the Safety Mode on Twitter. Open the appMoreSettings and PrivacyPrivacy and SafetySafety ModeTurn On.

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