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How to Delete Your WeChat Account Permanently

Delete your WeChat account when it is not needed anymore.

Key Highlights

  • Android/iPhone: WeChat app → Me option → SettingsAccount SecurityWeChat Security CenterAccount CancellationRequest CancellationNextAgree and confirm cancellationFinish and log out.

WeChat is a communication app that you can use to chat with friends/families, transfer money, book taxi, pay bills, and much more. It is considered the number one communication platform in the world. If you feel that your sensitive information is being shared and doesn’t have privacy, you can always choose to delete your account on WeChat.

How to Delete WeChat Account Permanently Using Android & iPhone

#1. Launch the WeChat app on your Android or iPhone.

#2. Ensure that you’re logged in. Tap the Me option on the home screen.

How to delete WeChat Account

#3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Settings menu.

How to delete WeChat Account

#4. On the Settings page, choose Account Security.

How to delete WeChat Account

#5. Click on the WeChat Security Center option.

How to delete WeChat Account

#6. Select the Account Cancellation button.

How to delete WeChat Account

Tips! Like WeChat, you can also delete your Kik Messenger account when it is not needed anymore.

#7. A warning prompt explaining the consequences of deleting the account will appear on the screen. Go through it and then tap the Request Cancellation option.

Request cancellation

#8. On the next screen, click on the Next option.

How to delete WeChat Account

#9. Read the notice displayed on the screen and tap the Agree and confirm cancellation button at the bottom.

Agree and confirm cancellation

#10. Finally, tap the Finish and log out button.

How to delete WeChat Account

After submitting the request, the support team will take 15-days to delete your account. If you have changed your mind, log in to your account within 15-days to get back your account.

Tips! Receiving unwanted messages on WeChat from an unknown person? Block the person on WeChat to stop getting it.

Things to Consider Before Deleting WeChat Account

1. The deleted WeChat id cannot be used anymore.

2. Once your account is deleted, all your information will be deleted permanently. So you can recover them by any means. So back up your WeChat data before deleting your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete a WeChat contact?

→Open the WeChat app and go to the Contacts section.
→Select the contact you want to delete and tap the three-dotted icon.
→Tap on the Delete option.

How to delete messages on WeChat?

On the WeChat app, open the conversation you want. Long press the message you want and tap on the Delete option.

Is it possible to delete a WeChat account without logging in?

No. You can’t delete a WeChat account without logging in. You have to raise the account cancellation only after logging in.

How to delete WeChat chat history?

→Open the WeChat app and tap on the Me option.
→Click on the Settings menu.
→Choose the General Menu and then tap on Clear Chat History.

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