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How to Delete Yelp Account [Personal & Business]

Don't need Yelp account anymore? Delete it immediately by using a browser.

Since 2004, Yelp has been one of the review sites that people have used for local businesses. It is a highly trusted source for finding reviews and ratings for local businesses. The basic concept of Yelp is to help people find various services and businesses online in their local area. They can also post reviews about the business or services listed on Yelp. But, Yelp is not the only business review website available in the market. Before trying a new platform, you must delete your Yelp account to remove all your data.

The deletion process is permanent and cannot be recovered by any means. Therefore, the reviews and photos you uploaded on the Yelp platform will be removed permanently.

How to Delete Your Personal Yelp Account

1. Visit the account closure link on your smartphone or PC browser.

2. Tap the log in to your account hyperlink. If you’re already signed in, you will be re-directed to the deletion page.

Click on the link to sign in to your account

3. Sign in to your account using the Yelp login credentials.

4. Enter the reason for deleting your Yelp account in the required field.

5. Tap the Send button and wait until you get the confirmation mail from the Yelp support team.

Submit the reason and tap send button to delete your Yelp account.

6. Go to your associated email account and open the mail received from the Yelp support team.

7. On the mail, you can find a deletion link. Tap on it.

8. It will take you to the new window. Here, tap the Close Account button to delete your Personal Yelp account permanently.

How to Delete Your Business Yelp Account

1. Like the above process, open a browser and visit this link.

2. Now enter the required details: Business Name and Location.

Enter business name and location and tap search option.

3. Tap the Search button.

4. From the search results, find your business and tap the Select this business button next to it.

5. Enter the email address and tap the Send button to get the verification mail.

6. Open the main and tap on the deletion link.

7. Tap the Close Account button, and your business account will be deleted permanently.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to delete messages on Yelp?

Yes. You can delete message conversations on Yelp by navigating to Messages → selecting the message → tapping the Delete icon.

2. Is it possible to delete search history on Yelp?

Yes. One can delete search history by tapping the More option on the Yelp app → SettingsClear HistoryYes.

3. How to contact Customer Support on Yelp?

You can contact Yelp Customer Support by calling (877) 767-9357. They will be available from Monday to Friday (6 a.m-7 p.m).

4. How to delete reviews posted on Yelp?

>Open the Yelp app and log in to your account.
>Tap the About me option on the profile page.
>Choose Reviews and tap the Delete icon next to the review you want to remove.

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