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How to Download Tumblr Videos on Android, iOS & PC

Watch Tumblr videos offline by downloading it on your Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac PC.

Tumblr is a popular social media app which lets the users share videos, pictures, quotes, texts, links and much more. Like Twitter, you can like, reblog and comment on the posts that you come across. While browsing, you may come across some of the interesting audios & videos which you may tend to save to camera roll for future access. However, the main drawback with Tumblr is that there is no built-in option to download Tumblr videos. Hence, we will show you the different ways to save Tumblr videos on various platforms like Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Mac devices.

How to Download Tumblr Videos on Android?

Downloading Tumblr Videos on Android is very easy. With the help of various third-party Tumblr video downloaders on Play Store, you can save your favourite Tumblr videos with ease.

(1) Head to the play store and download Downloader for Tumblr.

(2) Open the Tumblr app and find the video that you want to save.

(3) Click the Share icon on the respective post.

(4) Select the icon of the downloader app that you downloaded in Step 1.

(5) Now, you will re-directed to the downloader app and the video will be downloaded automatically on your Android device.

Download Tumblr Videos on Android

(6) Head to the default file manager app on Android and locate the downloaded file in the folder which named as Tumbload.

How to Download Tumblr Videos on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

To download Tumblr Videos on your iPhone/iPad, you need to download the MyMedia – File Manager.

(1) Open the Tumblr app and head to the video or GIF that you want to download.

(2) Click the share icon and select the Copy icon to copy the media link.

(3) After copying the link, open the MyMedia File Manager.

(4) On the URL box, type the tubeoffline URL: and click the Go button.

(5) Paste the video link on the URL box and click GET VIDEO.

(6) Click DOWNLOAD.

Download Tumblr Videos on iPhone and iPad

(7) Select Download the File.

(8) Enter a name for your file and click Save.

(9) The video will be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad.

(10) To save the video to camera roll, head to the media tab and tap the video that you downloaded.

Save to camera roll

(11) Click Save to Camera Roll.

(12) Now, the video will be saved to your camera roll. Head to the Photos app and find the video in the Recents section.

How to Download Tumblr Videos on Windows/Mac Computers or Laptops?

Unlike Android & iOS, you don’t need to download any third-party software to download Tumblr videos.

(1) Open either Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

(2) Visit and head to the video that you want to download.

(3) Open the post in the new tab and click the three-dot icon on the bottom right corner.

(4) Click Download.

Download Tumblr Videos on Windows and Mac

(5) The video will be saved on your device.

If you can find the download link, use the various online video downloaders available to download media from Tumblr and other sites.

(1) Copy the post link and visit tubeoffline on a new tab.

(2) Paste the post link on the URL box and select GET Video.

Paste the link and click on Get video button

(3) Now, right-click the DOWNLOAD button and select Save link as.

save it t the desired location

Here, we have shown the ways to download Tumblr videos on different platforms. Post your feedback, queries and suggestions in the comments section. If you found this guide very useful, share it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles.


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