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How to Enable and Use Night Shift on Mac

Turn on Night Shift on Mac device to work for long hours without any stress.

Night Shift is quite a hard time to work since it deprives our sleep. Even though few of them hate to work during the night, they have to complete the given task/ work anyway. It is understood that long exposure to the PC screen will have dryness and irritation in the eyes. The condition gets worse at night and low light conditions. Apple introduced Night Shift mode in the Mac PC for effective reduction of blue light from the screen. Night Shift emits warmer colors in the spectrum for reducing the strain on the eyes. Let’s see how to enable Night Shift on Mac in the below guide.

How to Enable Night Shift on Mac

The Night Shift option can be turned on manually in the System Preferences section. It uses the PC time and geolocation to determine the sunset, sunrise.

(1). Launch the Mac PC and go to the Apple Menu.

(2). Select System Preferences in Apple Menu.

(3). Choose Displays and select the Night Shift tab.

Select Displays

(4). Click the Turn On Until Sunrise to enable Night Shift on Mac.

Turn on Night Shift on Mac

(5). Move the Slider to select the Color temperature below.

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Alternative Way

You have an alternative way to activate Night Shift using the Control Center.

(1). Select the Control Center at the top right corner of the Mac.

(2). Click Displays in the available menu.

(3). Choose Night Shift to turn on Night Shift.

You can also use Siri to turn on the Night Shift on the PC.

How to Schedule Night Shift

The Schedule option in the Night Shift helps in planning the Night Shift and it will automatically enable it every time. It has Sunset to Sunrise and Custom option. Custom option is useful in choosing the particular time period.

(1). Click System Preferences on the Apple Menu.

(2). Select Displays and click the Night Shift tab.

(3). Tap the Schedule pop-up and it displays two options.

Select Schedule option

(4). Select Sunset to Sunrise to activate Night Shift during the entire night.

(5). Click Custom and provide the timing for from & to.

Provide the time for Night Shift on Mac

The Night Shift will have a positive impact on the user’s health to ease the usage of PC in the nighttime. When the Night Shift is on with the schedule, you can also turn it off anytime by accessing the Night Shift in the Display.

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