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How to Enable Roku Guest Mode [2 Ways]

Enable Guest Mode on Roku for the guests and start streaming the channels

Key Highlights

  • Roku Device: SettingsSystemGuest ModeEnter Guest ModeEnter PINChoose dateStart streaming
  • Roku Website: Roku siteSign InMy Linked DevicesChoose deviceEnable Guest ModeEnter PINEnable Guest Mode.

Roku Guest Mode is one of the best features of Roku devices. By setting up the Guest Mode, your guests can access the device by signing in to their accounts. Moreover, using this mode prevents the intervention of guests with your channels, subscriptions, and settings of your personal Roku account.

Enabling Guest Mode on Roku

1. Press the home button (remote) to get the home screen.

Note: Before using the remote, make sure you have paired the remote with the Roku device.

2. Navigate to the Roku Settings.

3. Choose SystemGuest ModeEnter Guest Mode.

4. Once you enter the Guest Mode, you need to enter the PIN.

Roku Guest Mode

5. Enter the PIN and select OK.

6. On the confirmation, select Enter Guest ModeGet Started.

7. Next, choose the date you like to use and sign out from the Guest Mode. Select Sign Out:

8. Select OKStart Streaming.

Tips! You can change the language on Roku if you are not convenient with using Roku in the default language.

Enable Guest Mode Through Roku Website

1. Visit on your smartphone or PC browser and Sign In to your account using your credentials.

2. Navigate to the My Linked Devices section and choose your Roku device from the list.

3. Click Enable Guest mode and enter Roku’s pin.

4. Again, click Enable Guest Mode.

After enabling the Guest Mode, the guests can Log In using their account credentials.

Note: The guests can add the channels from the Roku Store. The channels will take off when they sign out from your Roku device.

Disable Guest Account

You can easily disable the Guest Mode on your device within a few steps on the device and website.

Roku Device

1. Go to home screenSettings.

2. Next, navigate to SystemGuest ModeExit Guest Mode.

3. Enter the PIN using the remote and choose OK.

Note: When you access your Roku device after the guest leaves, you will be on the Guest Mode’s welcome screen. Press Start (*) on the remote → Disable Guest Mode → Enter the PIN → Exit Guest Mode.

Roku Guest Mode

Roku Website

1. Navigate to and navigate to My Linked Devices.

2. Click Disable Guest Mode on the desired device.

3. Enter your PIN and click Disable Guest Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the default channels available on Roku Guest Mode?

The default channels available on the Guest Mode are Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Sling TV, CBS All Access, and more.

2. How to disable Guest Mode without PIN?

You can disable Guest Mode from the device without using the PIN by carrying out a factory reset on Roku.

3. What to do when Roku TV is stuck in Guest Mode?

When your device is stuck on Guest Mode, ensure that you have entered a valid PIN. If the issue still exists, disable the account and perform a factory reset.

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