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How to Find Contacts on Twitter

Sync contacts in Twitter to connect with them on the social media app.

Twitter is a social media app that has created a virtual world to converse with tweets. The Tweets can be an idea, review, opinion, reaction, advice, experience, storytelling, and information sharing. It is getting evolving with new updates over the period such as Fleets, Twitter Threads, Twitter Spaces, more. You will find the Twitter handles of politicians, government officials, celebrities, sports players, teams, brands, NGOs, social works, more. There are several ways to connect with your friends on Twitter. In the below section we will check out the ways to find contacts on Twitter.

How to Find Contacts on Twitter

You can find the contacts on your Twitter profile from your smartphone and PC/ Laptop.

On Smartphone

(1). Power on the smartphone and open the Twitter app.

(2). Tap your Profile icon and choose the Settings and Privacy.

Select Settings and Privacy -find contacts on Twitter

(3). Select the Privacy and Safety option.

Click Privacy and Safety

(4). Choose Discoverability and Contacts.

Select Discoverability and contacts

(5). Click the Sync Address Book Contact toggle button to attach the contacts.

click Toggle to sync contacts on Twitter

(6). Go through the contacts in the Twitter app.

On PC/ Laptop

You can also access the contacts on the Twitter website. The contacts must be in sync with the smartphone app beforehand to look at them on the website. It is password protecting settings option for secure usage.

(1). Start your PC/ Laptop and launch the Google Chrome browser.

(2). Go to the Twitter Website and select Sign In at the bottom.

Select Sign In - Find contacts on Twitter

(3). Enter the Account details for sign-in and click More under your Profile.

Click More - Find Contacts on Twitter

(4). Choose the Settings and Privacy option in the prompt.

Select Settings and Privacy

(5). Select Privacy and Safety in the Settings.

Click Privacy and safety

(6). Click Discoverability and Contacts under Your Twitter Activity.

Select Discoverability and contacts

(7). Enter the Password to access the contacts and look for the desired contacts.

Thus, you can able to access the contacts on the Twitter with above methods. It also has made provision to connect with friends through email and phone numbers. The user has a choice whether to connect to their friends with email and phone number.

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