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How to Find IMEI on iPhone [5 Different Methods]

You can easily find IMEI number on your iPhone easily with different methods.

Every iPhone comes with a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment) Identity number, which we ignore most of the time as it has no use. Generally, the number will help to find the lost or stolen iPhone device. However, the IMEI number is also very crucial when you want to unlock your iPhone from a specific carrier. You need to provide your IMEI number to the existing provider in order to use your device with a different carrier. There are different ways available to find IMEI on iPhone. We have show steps for all the ways with necessary screenshots.

Find IMEI Number on iPhone using secret code

The best way to find IMEI on iPhone devices is by dialing the secret code on the phone app. This method works all versions of the iPhone and even Android devices.

(1) Open the phone app and tap the Keypad menu.

(2) Dial *#06# (You don’t need to hit the green color call button).

(3) The iPhone will display the IMEI number automatically.

Find IMEI on iPhone using Secret Code

Note: While following this method, you can’t copy the IMEI number. But, you can take a screenshot for future use.

Find IMEI on back of the iPhone

Users with iPhone 6 and earlier can find the IMEI numbers on the backside of the device. Just flip your handset and find the number printed at the bottom of the device. You can use this method to get IMEI when your iPhone is locked.

Find IMEI number on iPhone

Find IMEI on SIM tray

Apple has stopped printing IMEI on the device from iPhone 6S. In that case, you can use the SIM tray to find the IMEI number.

With the help of the SIM removal tool, remove the SIM tray and take out the SIM card. Turn your tray and you can find your device IMEI number.

Find IMEI number on iPhone

Users with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 (GSM Model), and 4s can also follow this method.

Find IMEI on iPhone using settings

Another common way to find IMEI on iPhone is by using the device settings.

Get IMEI number using settings

(1) Head to the Settings menu and tap the General section.

(2) Click the About section and scroll down the screen to find the IMEI number.

(3) Long press the number and tap Copy to copy it. Then, you can paste the number anywhere on the device.

Get IMEI of the lost or stolen iPhone device

The methods mentioned above are applicable only when you have an iPhone in your hand. What to do if your device was stolen or lost? You can find the IMEI number easily if you have backed up your iPhone on iTunes.

(1) Launch the iTunes app.

(2) Select Preferences > Devices.

(3) The list of device backups will appear on the screen.

(4) Hold your cursor on the backup and it will display various information including IMEI number.

Our Opinion

We have shown all the possible ways to find the IMEI number on the iPhone. Using secret dialing code is the easiest way to find your number regardless of the iPhone version. If you know any other way to find the IMEI number? Mention in the comments section. We will review and update it in the article.

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