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How to Get Crunchyroll Premium Subscription for Free

Enjoy Crunchyroll premium for 100% free in 2021 with this simple trick.

Crunchyroll is a free and premium streaming service like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., but it is primarily focused on anime movies and episodes. It is available in 200+ countries and 100+ languages. It also provides you 360-degree streaming experience. Crunchyroll is 100% free, but you will get ads in between the episodes or movies. You can also opt for a premium plan to disables ads and get access to new movies or shows within 1 hour of their Commercial launch in Japan. In this tutorial, we teach you how to get Crunchyroll premium for free.

Some of the famous TV shows available in Crunchyroll is BORUTO, Naruto Shippuden, JoJo’s Bizarre, Laid-Back camp, DARLING in the FRANXX, and much more. Hikakin Beatbox, Wakakozakew, Call to Cosplay, Tofugu, etc.

Crunchyroll Premium Features

  • Exclusive discounts on Crunchyroll store for premium members only.
  • Enjoy Crunchyroll with zero ads if you subscribe to a premium subscription.
  • The premium version gives access to read thousands of manga chapters for free.
  • Watch new episodes after one hour after they are telecasted in Japan.
  • Download and watch movies or shows offline with a premium subscription.
  • Stream multiple devices at a time (up to 4 devices).
  • Unlimited access to Crunchyroll store where you can rent or buy movies.

Subscription Packs

  • FAN – $7.99/month with access to all premium features listed above except offline viewing.
  • MEGA FAN – $9.99/month includes all premium features of Crunchyroll.
  • MEGA FAN 12months – $79.99/year where you can save up to 16% of the MEGA FAN plan if you buy for 12 months.

How to Get Crunchyroll Premium for Free

To get Crunchyroll premium for free, you have to activate the 30 days premium free trial. Follow the below steps to get the free trial.

1. Go to Crunchyroll website.

2. Click Login to access your Crunchyroll account.

log in - How to get Crunchyroll Premium for Free

3. If you have an account Log In or create a new account.

sign up - How to get Crunchyroll Premium for Free

4. Now, click the Premium button in the menu bar.

premium - How to get Crunchyroll Premium for Free

5. Click Continue to activate the premium trial.

click continue button on crunchyroll website

6. Complete the free Checkout of $0 by using either Credit card or PayPal account.

Click start free trial

7. Now, your free trial will be activated with 30 days validity. You can cancel the Crunchyroll subscription within 30 days to avoid charging automatically.

Note: Alternatively, you can download Crunchyroll premium apk MOD online and use it for free without paying any fees. But we do not recommend this method as the modified app may have viruses or malware that can completely freeze your smartphone.


Activating the free trial is the only way to get a Crunchyroll premium subscription for free. Just by following the above steps carefully, you can enjoy Crunchyroll premium for 30 days for free. If you face any issues activating the free trial, let us know in the comment section below.

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