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How to Get Verified on Truth Social

Steps to get verified account on Donald Trump's Truth Social app.

Social media has now been one of the easiest and most trustable platforms, and the features get enhanced. Donald Trump introduced Truth Social after getting banned from almost all social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Now, this application is available for iOS and was developed with the hope that the account verification feature will improve the trust of fellow users. It would help the users to have a healthier conversation.

Though this application was launched very recently, the users experienced a lot of errors or glitches due to heavy site reach outs. As this application is quite similar to Twitter, the process would be similar to Twitter’s verification process.

Prerequisites For Truth Social Verification

The verification process is very simple, but not everyone can claim. There are some prerequisites or eligibility criteria for the people to claim the verification badge. Here is some category of people who are eligible for the badge.

Government Officials

People who belong to offices, official ministers, officeholders, and ambassador falls in this category. Official spokespeople for government agencies include the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” and “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

Organizations, Companies, and Brands

This category includes non-profit groups, leaders, and other popular executive positions. It means that people who run a small business or a community organization will also fall into this category. The popular news agencies that include radio stations, newspapers, podcasts, blogs, local TV channels, and much more also fall in this category.


This category is almost familiar among users. The users who fall in this category include popular production companies, TV networks or film studios, entertainers, artists, actors, musicians, actresses, and much more.

Games and Sports Personalities

Sports teams, athletes, sports leagues and their mascots, and most importantly, the players and the coaches of esports leagues fall in this category. However, amateur players will not qualify for this verification unless the player demonstrates their prominence.

Activists, Organizers, and Other Powerful Individuals

This category has some unique individuals as it is quite difficult for the Truth Social team to verify. But people who spread awareness, share information, and stimulate community members for a cause, political change, socio-economic and cultural change will be eligible for this category.

Step-by-step Process to Apply Verification on Truth Social

Here is how to get a verified symbol indication on a Truth Social account.

1. Log in to your Truth Social Account on a web browser.

Don’t have a Truth Social account? Here is the guide for creating a Truth Social account.

How to Get Verified on Truth Social home page

2. Navigate to the settings option by clicking on the profile picture icon.

3. In the settings tab, navigate to the “Account” option.

4. Now, the user will be able to see the “Verification Request” option.

5. A new screen will pop up with the option “Start Now” for the verification process.

6. The user will have the option to choose the area of expertise such as Actor, politician, blogger, and much more.

7. Finally, the user must submit some documents as proof. The document can be a government-issued ID card or any similar proof that proves the identity.

8. Click on the “Submit” button, and the Truth Social team will verify and contact the users when required.

Can’t remember the current password of Truth Social? Visit our guide and reset the forgotten Truth Social password.

Requirements for Verification of Truth Social

Here are some of the basic requirements expected from individuals or an organization.

Active Truth Social Accounts

The individual or the organization’s account must be active and should ensure that all the below-listed rules are accomplished.

  • The Truth Social account should contain all the necessary details, including the profile name and pictures.
  • The account must be accessible, and the user should have logged into it within the last six months.
  • For security purposes, Truth social will be verifying the email address and Phone number provided in the account.

Prominent Truth Social Account

The account should be represented or affiliated with popular individuals or organizations for the verification process.

  • The account holder must submit a reliable Wikipedia article about the individual or the organization that fulfills the encyclopedia’s notability criteria.
  • The follower’s count or the mention count matters when it comes to account notability, and the account should be found in the top 0.1 percent of followers or mention count in the regions they belong to.
  • Submitting a news article where the individual or the organization is mentioned or referred to frequently. But the source should be from reputable media outlets.

Authenticate Truth Social Account

The account holder must prove the identity from the three options available depending on the category the account falls into.

  • The user has to provide an authorized email address that matches the domain or the category of notability. For the individual’s account, the users have to mention with whom the domain is affiliated, and it should also be verified on Truth Social.
  • The users need to attach a photo of a valid government-issued ID like a passport, driving license, etc. This option is available only for individuals who wish to verify their Truth Social account.
  • Users can provide an official link that mentions the individual and the Truth Social account.


How should the account holder check if the account is verified on Truth Social?

All the verified accounts would display a red badge next to the profile name once the account is verified successfully.

Can the verified badge be removed automatically from an account?

Yes. The verified badge of inactive or incomplete accounts of individuals or the organization will be revoked automatically.

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