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How to Go Live On Twitch [Step-By-Step Method]

Live stream your Gameplay on Twitch using smartphone, PC and gaming consoles.

Twitch is the perfect platform to show your gaming skills and to learn new gaming tactics. Like YouTube, it allows people to watch other videos and upload their own gaming videos. One of the best features of Twitch is that you can go live to stream your gameplay just like doing a live video on Facebook and Instagram.

Gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4 has a built-in feature to go live on Twitch. But PC users need to go through a small setup process.

How to Go Live on Twitch on PC

To go live-stream your game play from PC, you need

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) (Windows, Mac, and Linux supported)
  • XSplit (only for Windows)
  • Active Twitch account

Getting your Twitch Account Ready

(1) Open your web browser and visit the Twitch website. Sign in with your Twitch account.

(2) Click your Profile icon and choose the Dashboard option.


(3) Under Playing, choose your game that you want to stream and specify the title.

Go Live on Twitch

Setting Up OBS

(1) Open the OBS on your PC. Download the app from its official site.

(2) Go to Settings and choose Broadcast Settings.

Go Live on Twitch

(3) Select the Streaming Service as Twitch.

OBS app

Go Live on Twitch on PC

(1) After that, go to your Twitch profile and click on the Stream Key tab.

(2) Click the Show Key button, and the Stream Key will appear on the screen. Copy the key to your clipboard.

Stream Key tab

(3) Now, paste the key on the Play Path/Stream Key (if any) box in the OBS app.

Go Live on Twitch

(4) Get back to the Home screen of OBS and click the Sources box.

(5) Click the Add button and select the Game Capture option.

Game Capture button

(6) Choose your game from the Application tab and click the OK button.

Go Live on Twitch

(7) If you want, you can add additional things like Monitor Capture. It will show everything on your display. Video Capture will display your webcam.

Go Live on Twitch

(8) After setting all these things, click the Preview Stream to see the preview.

Go Live on Twitch

(9) Make some changes if necessary. If not, click the Start Streaming button.

Go Live on Twitch

(10) That’s it. You have all things set up to make your Twitch live stream. Open the game and stream your live gameplay.

Use XSplit to Go Live on Twitch

If you want to use the XSplit application instead of OBS, follow the below steps. But it applies only to Windows PC.

(1) Download the XSplit from their website.

(2) Open the XSplit app and click the Broadcast button.

Broadcast button

(3) Choose the Add Channel option and then select Twitch.

(4) It will ask for your Twitch account. Enter your account credentials and log in.

Go LIve on Twitch

(5) Change the resolution based on your preference and click the Finish button.

Finish button

(6) Edit all the settings you want and click the OK button.

Go LIve on Twitch

(7) Now, click the Add button on the Scene Sources and choose the Game capture option.

Go LIve on Twitch

(8) If you want to add any additional things like screen capture, webcam, click the Add button again.

Go LIve on Twitch

(9) XSpllit will allow you to resize the elements in your video. You can change the size of your gameplay, size of your webcam feed, and so on. Adjust it to your preference.

(10) After finishing all the settings, click the Broadcast button and choose Twitch. Your gameplay will go live.

Go LIve on Twitch

How to Go Live on Twitch in PS4 and Xbox

In gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, you will have the built-in feature to live stream on Twitch. You can also have the option to chat while streaming your live gameplay. In PS4, click the DualShock 4’s Share button, choose Broadcast Gameplay, and then select Twitch. It will ask for login, login with your Twitch account, and go live on Twitch.

If you’re an Microsoft user, launch the Twitch app on Xbox and go to Broadcast. Launch the game that you want and it will stream on your Twitch profile.

How to Go Live on Twitch from the smartphone app

(1) Install the Twitch app.

(2) Login with your Twitch account.

(3) Go to your Profile and tap the Go Live button.

(4) You need to give access to the camera, microphone, and so.

(5) Next, give your stream a name, choose the category, choose the camera, and share the game’s link to your Twitch app.

(6) When you are done with it, click the Start Stream button. You will go live on Twitch.

These are the different ways to go live on Twitch. Use the device that you have at your disposal. We recommend you use a PC or gaming console for better streaming. In smartphones, you won’t get the flexibility to live stream your gaming.

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