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How to Group Tabs in Safari [iPhone, iPad, & Mac]

Create a Tab Group in Safari and manage all the tabs in one place

For Apple users, Safari is the best way to experience the internet. Safari works seamlessly and smoothly with built-in privacy features. While surfing the internet, we want to manage multiple tabs at once. Managing multiple tabs is not an easy thing. With the new update from Apple, you can group tabs in the Safari browser in a common folder to access them easily.

With the latest update, iOS 15, the Safari browser on iPhone allows you to group tabs. Along with group tabs, you can enable website tinting, create multiple tab groups, rename groups, delete, move tabs, and more.

How to Group Tabs in Safari [Mac]

As Group Tabs is a new feature, make sure you are using the latest version of macOS on your Mac PC [macOS Monterey 12] and the latest version of Safari browser. If not, update your Mac PC.

#1 Open the Safari on your Mac, click on the sidebar button on the top left.

#2 Click the downward pointing arrow from the dropdown menu, select either New Empty Tab Group or New Tab Group with 2 Tabs. The number may vary based on the tabs.

click dropdown arrow to select new tab groups on mac

#3 Now, name the tab group on the basis of the topic/content you search, for example, if you are searching on cooking, then name the tab group as Cooking or Cuisine.

#4 All the created group tabs can be managed by tapping the Sidebar icon. You can rename or delete group tabs.

Pro Tip: Press Control + Command + N to create a tab group with no tabs.

How to Groups Tabs in Safari [iPhone & iPad]

Before you make tab groups in iPhone or iPad, make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest version.

1: Open Safari browser, tap the bottom right corner icon looks like overlapped tabs on display.

click on overlapped tabs to open new tab group in safari

2: It will show current tabs with a down arrow button. Tap that button.

click down arrow to create tab group in safari

3: You can select New Empty Tab Group to create a group with no tabs or tap New Tab Groups from 12 Tabs to create a group with existing tabs.

click on new tab group or add on existing tab group

4: Name the tab group as you wish.

rename the tab group

5: To switch between tab groups, tap on the name. Tap the Delete button to delete the group.

Manage Tag Groups in Safari

  • View Tabs in Grid View
  • Move Tabs from One Group from Another
  • Rename Tab Groups
  • Delete Tab Groups
  • Shortcuts

View Tabs in Grid View

[1] To see all tabs open in a Tab Group, click on the Grid icon next to the name of the tab group.

to see overview of all tabs of tab group on safari

[2] Now, right-click on the Tab Group and select Show Tab Overview from the available options.

click overview tab group on safari

Move Tabs from One Group to Another

[1] Right-click on the tab you choose to move.

[2] Click the Move to Tab Group option.

[3] Select the target Tab Group. Then, the tab will be moved.

move tab group from one group to another group tab in safari

Rename the Tab Groups

{1} Open the Safari browser.

{2} Select the Sidebar menu.

{3} Hover over the Tab Group that you want to rename and then right-click on it.

{4} Enter the new name for the group.

rename the a groups in safari

How to Delete Tab Groups

[1] Go to the Tab Group that you want to delete.

[2] Right-click on the tab group you want to delete.

[3] Select Delete from the options.

select delete to delete tab group in safari

NOTE: When you delete a tab group, it will delete all the tabs in the group.

Keyboard Shortcuts to manage tabs

CommandShortcut Keys
Open new tabCommand+T
Close the current tabCommand+W
Go to the next tabControl+Tab or Command+Shift+]
Go to the previous tabControl+Shift+Tab or Command+Shift+[
Show all working tabsCommand+Shift+\
Open a website in a new tabCommand+Click on a link or bookmark, or Command+Return from the Smart Search Field
Visit a website in an active tabCommand+Shift+Click on a link
Open a link in a new windowCommand+Option+Click on a link
Open a link in a new active windowCommand+Option+Shift+Click on a link
Select any one tabCommand+1 through Command+9
Close all tabs except the working oneOption+click the close (X) button on the tab you want to keep open
Reopen the last tabCommand+Shift+T

These are things that you need to know when working with tab groups. Get used to all these things and make your browsing experience smoother. If you have any doubts about the Safari browser, let us know in the comments.

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