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How to Jailbreak PS4 (PlayStation 4) Gaming Console

Play the favorite game on PlayStation 4 by jailbreaking its firmware.

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is a video gaming console of Sony with an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit. Over the years, it has been updated with various features. There is a certain restriction in installing new games, or the games have to be bought for a higher price. It is necessary to jailbreak the PlayStation for more customization and get the updates easily. Let’s see how to jailbreak PlayStation 4 (PS4).

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

There are three variants in the PS4: Original, Slim, Pro. All these three PlayStation consoles can be jailbroken with the criteria of the firmware version. With that, you can add new games, mods, cheats to the PlayStation for effective usage.

Steps to Jailbreak PS4

The procedure for jailbreaking is very simple that you have to check the firmware version, download the jailbreak file and update the PS4 software.

Check and Update PS4 Firmware

(1). Launch the PlayStation 4 and go to the home screen.

(2). Select Settings from the menu.

Select Settings to jailbreak PS4

(3). Scroll down and click System in the Settings.

click System

(4). Choose System Information and check the System Software. If it is 7.55 or below, you can jailbreak the PS4.

click System Information

(5). Update the firmware to 7.55 if your PS4 is in the lower version. It is recommended to update the PS4 via USB to get the correct (7.55) firmware so that you can jailbreak it.

(6). Download the 7.55 Firmware online on your PC and copy it to the USB Pendrive. Make sure that the Pendrive is in FAT32 format.

(7). Plugin the USB Pendrive to the PlayStation 4 and move to the System Software Update.

(8). Check for the Firmware version and tap Next to update the firmware. The PS4 will restart and install the update firmware.

select Next in System Software Update

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Network and Jailbreaking Setup

(1). Go back to the Settings and click System. Select Automatic Downloads and uncheck all the boxes to avoid automatic updating of the firmware.

uncheck the automatic downloads - jailbreak PS4

(2). Click Network in the Settings and select Set Up Internet Connection. Choose the type of internet connection.

Select Set up Internet connection

(3). Tap Custom and click Automatic in the IP address. Select Do Not Specify and click Manual in the DNS Settings.

Choose Automatic in IP address settings

(4). Set the Primary DNS ( and the Secondary DNS ( Click Next and select Automatic in MTU Settings.

(5). Choose Do Not Use in the Proxy server and it completes update of Internet Settings.

(6). Move to the User Guide/ Helping Info in the settings and click User’s Guide. It displays the site based on the IP address.

Select User's Guide- Jailbreak PS4

(7). Choose the PS4 update version and click Disable Updates to eliminate the updates in the future.

(8). Clear the Browsing History, Bookmarks, and select Settings. Click Delete Cookies and tap Clear Website Data to erase all the memory.

Click Delete Cookies - Jailbreak PS4

(9). Select Mira Payload to run and it reboots the PlayStation for jailbreaking. Now the PS4 is jailbroken and you can install new games through Package Installer.

Select Package Installer - Jailbreak PS4

The PlayStation PS4 can be jailbroken with the above steps. If you face any problem or the PS4 screen freezes during this process, you must restart the PlayStation and proceed from first. Jailbreak refers to destroying the warranty of the game console, and thereby it is the user’s responsibility to think twice before jailbreaking the device.

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