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How to Monitor Blood Pressure with Apple Watch

Apple Watch can monitor and measure your blood pressure with help of QardioArm wireless blood pressure.

Apple Watch has transformed the way of monitoring one’s health. It has even got the support of wellness metrics. Apple Watch was designed in a way that you can track your heart rate, steps, calories burnt, and more. Users having Apple Watch for a long time would have probably known that it has no built-in support for measuring the blood pressure. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot monitor your blood pressure at all. All you need is the right accessory, and Apple Watch will give you the most accurate reading. Just in case if you want to manage your stress level, then learn to monitor blood pressure with Apple Watch.

How Does Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure?

With Apple Watch cannot directly check the blood pressure, we thought to guide you with an alternative method. So make sure you get those with FDA certified. Also, the device must be compatible with your Apple Watch as well as the Apple Health app. Upon pairing both, you will be able to check your pressure.

How to Monitor Blood Pressure with Apple Watch?

With Apple Watch cannot check the blood pressure directly, we thought to guide you with an alternative method. The section below will let you check the blood pressure using the QardioArm app.

Note: The following steps don’t work if you fail to pair Apple Watch with iPhone.

On iPhone

(1). Open App Store on your iPhone to download the Qardio Heart Health app.

Download Qardio Heart Health app

(2). Open the Watch app on your iPhone and press the My Watch tab.

(3). Scroll down till you find the Qardio app and tap on it.

(4). Press the toggle next to Show App on Apple Watch to turn it on.

On Apple Watch

You shall proceed with the steps given below to pair QardioArm with Qardio App to measure the blood pressure.

Note: Buy QardioArm wireless blood pressure device from any trusted e-commerce websites. QardioArm is clinically validated, FDA approved, and has been used by the doctors.

(1). Wear the QardiArm around your upper arm.

(2). With the Qardio app open, touch your iPhone with the QardioArm device. When prompted, accept the pairing request.

Choose Blood Pressure
Choose Blood Pressure

(3). Tap on the green Start button.

Press Start button to Monitor Blood Pressure on Apple Watch
Press the start button

(4). Wait for the readings to appear on the Apple Watch screen.

Monitor Blood Pressure on Apple Watch

Our Opinion

Although monitoring the blood pressure on watchOS is not straightforward, you can still check it by installing third-party health apps on Apple Watch. While this section used QardioArm, you can also use iHealth Feel Wireless Bluetooth Blood pressure monitor. It works with the help of Bluetooth. Hence turning on the Bluetooth on iPhone and Apple Watch is a must.

Is there any other third-party tool that works with Apple Watch and gives accurate measurement? Please share it with us in the comments section. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest articles.

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