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How to Play Tanks in iMessage on iPhone

If you are bored, you can play the Tanks game with your friends on the iMessage app.

Key Highlights

  • Tanks on iMessage: iMessageTap Text BoxTap App StoreDownload Games PigeonPlay Tanks

Tanks are one of the most played and trending games in iMessage. The game’s main aim is to attack the enemy’s tanks and protect them from the enemy’s attack. Moreover, you can’t install Tanks as a separate game. To play Tanks on iMessage, you must install the GamesPigeon on your smartphone to play the game with your friends within the chat.

Tanks – Game Rules

  • You need first to select a terrain to play from the given choices Flat and Valley.
  • Before the challenge, you will be asked to click the target practice to prepare for the game.
  • To win the multi-player challenge on Tanks, you must score the highest number of points.

How to Get Tanks on iMessage

Remember that it works only on the default messaging app on iPhone, and you can’t access it on third-party message apps.

[1] Go to the iMessage app on your device.

[2] Next, open a new or existing chat and tap the Text Box.

[3] You can see the list of options such as Photos, App Store, and other apps.

[4] Tap App Store, and in the search box, type GamePigeon.

 Tap the App Store icon

[5] Tap Get to download the game.

Note: If the app fails to get downloaded, restart or update your iPhone and try again.

Install GamePigeon to Play Tanks on iMessage

Tips! With the latest iOS 16, you can unsend messages on your iPhone if you have mistakenly sent messages to others.

How to Play Tanks on iMessage

[1] After installing the app, close the App Store and open GamePigeon.

[2] Find and open the Tanks game and click the blue-colored send icon to send the invite.

Select Tanks game

[3] When the request is accepted, you can start playing the game.

[4] When your turn comes, you must use your fingers to set the Angle and Power to drop the bomb on the enemy’s tanks

[5] Once the angle and power are set, tap Fire.

Tips! If you don’t like using the default messaging app, you can also install iMessage on your Android smartphone to send messages using text, emoji, etc.,

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are iMessage games still a thing?

Games on iMessage still exist, and you can install and play the games with the help of an in-built App Store extension.

2. Is GamePigeon only for iPhones?

The GamePigeon game is designed for Apple users, and your iPhone must run on iOS 11 and above to play the game.

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