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How To Remove Gmail Account on Android

Look at the procedure to remove your Gmail account on Android without deleting it.

Google’s Email is one of the widely used services in a multitude of places. It is used mostly for login purposes on various online services. Email is also used in the creation of Google account on an Android device. Despite its usage, you will sometime wish to remove its access from the Android device. Few others don’t want to receive the emails on the Android device. In such a scenario, removing the email account from the Android device is a good deal. The article guides you with the procedure to remove Gmail account on Android in simple steps. Make sure you have your device on hand to proceed further.

Note: Removing Gmail account is different from deleting your Gmail account permanently.

Wait! Things to Remember before Removing Gmail Account from Android

  • Removing the email account from Android doesn’t delete your emails and other data associated with it.
  • You will be denied accessing Google Play, Music, YouTube and other services associated with your email.
  • It will limit your access to your photos, calendars, and other related data on an Android device.
  • You can add the same email on your Android device at any time later. So, it is reversible and is unlike deleting it.

Note: If you want to access YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Play, etc, on Android but don’t want to receive emails, then choose to stop sync.

How To Remove Gmail Account on Android?

Follow the simple procedure to remove your Gmail account from your Android phone/tablet.

(1) On your Android device, launch phone Settings.

(2)Click the Accounts option. If you don’t find, then look for User & accounts.

Accounts tab

(3). Select the Gmail/Google account you want to remove from Android device.

Select account to remove

(4) Click on the Remove Account option.

Remove Gmail Account on Android

(5) Finally, click on Remove Account option again.

Note: If you have set pin, password or pattern, then Android device will ask you to enter it for security purposes.

Our Opinion

Removing Gmail account from an Android device is that simple and can be done within two minutes or less. Remember that all your data will be stored in the Gmail account you choose. If you have data in the Gmail account you removed, it might not appear on your phone. Therefore, sync data to other Gmail account before removing it.

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