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How to Reset Garmin Watch in 4 Ways

Reset your Garmin Watch to remove the minor glitch.

Key Highlights

  • Garmin Watch: Press the Up buttonSettingsSystem ResetReset Default SettingsConfirm.
  • Garmin Connect: Home menuSettingsSystem MenuRestore DefaultsYes.

You may reset your Garmin watch when it is not receiving any satellite signal or if it is not working properly. Reset will help you troubleshoot all the technical glitches and minor errors on your watch. Different methods exist to reset your Garmin Watch, i.e., Soft, Medium, and Hard. Soft and Medium reset will not delete any of your data inside your watch, but Hard reset does. Moreover, you should check if your watch is up to date. If not, try to update your Garmin Watch to fix the bugs.

Soft Reset

[1]. Long press the Power button for up to 15 seconds until you see the light, or press and hold the button till the Carousel appears. Tap Power off.

[2]. Again, long press the power button to turn on your Garmin watch.

Reset the Default Settings on Garmin Watch

[1]. Go to Menu by pressing the UP button on the watch.

[2]. Move down and tap Settings → System.

[3]. Tap ResetReset Default Settings and confirm.

Note: When resetting the default settings, the important data will not be deleted, such as tracking data, music, etc.

How to Factory Reset Garmin Watch

To factory reset, the steps may vary depending on the models.

1. Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, Vivoactive, & Instinct watches:

Go to Settings → System → Reset → Restore Defaults or Delete Data and Reset Settings option.

2. Garmin Vivomove Touchscreen Watch:

Navigate to Settings → Delete Data and Reset Settings option.

3. Approach Golf Watches:

From the main screen, go to Settings → Reset → Delete Data and Reset Settings option.

4. Quatix and Descent Garmin Watches:

Settings → System → Restore Defaults → Reset Settings option.

5. Older Forerunner Garmin Watch:

Go to Menu → Settings → System → Restore Defaults → Yes to confirm.

Factory reset Garmin Watch

Tips! Like Garmin Watch, you can hard reset your Apple Watch if it keeps annoying, such as page stuck, not responding issues, etc.

Alternative Method

There are two alternative methods to reset your watch.

Primary Reset

[1]. Power off your Garmin watch

[2]. Hold the Back/Lap button and press the Power/Light button simultaneously.

Primary Reset

[3]. Don’t release the buttons until you see Restore Default Settings on the watch screen.

[4]. Once Restore Default Settings appears on the watch, release the Back/Lap button.

[5]. Tap Yes to confirm.

[6]. Once done, set up and pair your Garmin watch again.

Secondary Reset

[1]. Power off your Garmin watch

[2]. Tap and hold down the Down, Start, and Back buttons simultaneously.

Secondary Reset

[3]. Power on your watch now.

[4]. Release the finger from the Start button when you hear the first beep sound.

[5]. Further, release the Down and Back buttons after the second beep.

Reset Watch Using Garmin Connect App

[1]. On your mobile, navigate to the Google Play Store or App Store.

[2]. Type Garmin Connect on the search bar and tap the Install or Get button to download.

[3]. Next, launch the app → Home menuSettings.

Reset on Garmin Connect app

[4]. From the menu list, select System Menu.

[5]. Tap Restore Defaults.

[6]. Finally, tap Yes to confirm the action.

It will start to delete all the data on your Garmin watch and restore it to its factory default settings.

Tips! Apart from Garmin, you can install some of the best running apps on your iPhone, such as Peleton, Strava, etc., to track your fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset Garmin Watch time?

Resetting Garmin Watch time is pretty simple. Go to SettingsSystemClockSet Local TimeManual. Finally, input the time on your watch.

2. How to clear Garmin Watch memory?

Long press the Menu button on the watch → Go to HistoryOptionsDelete All ActivitiesYes. By doing so, the memory will be cleared on the watch.

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