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How to Reset Instagram Explore Page in Two Ways

Reset Explore page to manage your Instagram account

Key Highlights

  • Instagram (New version): ProfileMenu Your ActivityRecent SearchesClear All.
  • Instagram (Old version): Profile Menu Settings Security Clear Search HistoryClear All.
  • Changing Explore page: Search Explore pageSelect post Tap three-dots icon Not Interested.

Like Facebook, Instagram shows content based on user activities. The algorithm set by Instagram analyses the user’s activities on the posts and reels they have liked, commented on, and shared to show the same content frequently and keep it engaging. If you want to view new content (posts and reels), you can reset the explore page on your Instagram application.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page [New Version]

To use the newer version of the Instagram app, you can update the Instagram app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.

[1] Open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

[2] Login to your Instagram account using the login credentials (If needed).

[3] Once launched tap Profile at the bottom.

Click the Profile icon.

[4] Tap Menu (Hamburger icon) on the top right.

Select Menu icon

[5] Next, tap Your activity from the list of menus.

Choose Your Activity option

[6] Under Your activity, tap Recent Searches.

Select Recent Searches to reset Instagram Explore page

[7] In the Recent Searches section, you can see the Instagram accounts, hashtags, and other searches.

[8] Finally, tap Clear all at the top right corner. By doing so, your Instagram Explore page will be reset.

Click Clear All option to reset Explore page on Instagram

Alternative Method

You can navigate to the Recent Searches section within a few steps.

[1] Tap Explore on the home page of the Instagram app.

[2] Next, tap Search to see your search activities.

[3] Further tap See all, and you can see the entire search history.

[4] Tap Clear All to reset the Instagram Explore page.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page [Old Version]

The steps to reset the Instagram Explore page will differ if you use an older version.

[1] Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

[2] Click your Instagram Profile icon and tap Menu (Hamburger icon).

[3] Next, navigate to Settings.

Click Settings

[4] Under Settings, tap Security on the menu list.

Choose Security option

[5] Tap Clear Search History.

Hit Clear Search History

[6] Lastly, tap Clear All to reset the explore page.

Select Clear All option to reset Instagram Explore page

How to Change Explore Page on Instagram

If the pages or content you see aren’t inappropriate or you don’t like the content, you can change the explore page based on your preferences.

[1] On your Instagram app, tap Explore (Search icon) on the home page.

[2] The Explore page will appear with the posts and reels.

Navigate the Explore page on Instagram

[3] After that, tap the post you don’t like.

[4] Tap Menu (three dot icons) at the upper right corner.

Click the Menu icon

[5] Tap Not Interested at the bottom.

Hit Not Interested option to manage Explore page on Instagram

[6] The current post will remove from your suggestion and never appear on your Explore page again.

[7] If you want to revert the process, tap Undo within a few seconds.

Select Undo

Tips! Like disabling the specific (posts or reels), you can disable the Instagram reels on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you view the full profile picture on Instagram?

Yes. You can view the full profile picture on your Instagram account (smartphone app and PC) in high resolutions.

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