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How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist in 3 Ways

You can see who have liked your playlist in the Spotify Platform on both the app and website

Key Highlights

  • Mobile: Launch the appYour PlaylistsPlaylists Tap the desired playlistSee the likes count.
  • Browser: Visit the Spotify websiteYour PlaylistsClick the desired playlistSee the likes count.
  • Desktop: Launch the appPlaylistsClick the desired playlistSee the likes count

Unlike other music apps, Spotify has an interesting feature that allows users on the platform to create customized playlists and share them with their friends, followers, and the general public. When you keep your Spotify Playlist public, users will like your playlist. Later, you can see how many users have liked your Spotify playlist on the app or website.

Moreover, you can make your Spotify playlist private if you are inconvenienced by having a public playlist profile.

How to See Who Liked Spotify Playlist Using App

[1] Open the Spotify app on your smartphone (Android/iOS) and login if needed.

[2] Tap the Your Library icon (bottom-right) on the home page.

[3] Tap Playlists on the top.

[4] From the list of playlists you have created, tap the desired one to view.

[5] Finally, the liked count is present under the profile picture of your Spotify.

Spotify playlist

Note: If you can’t see the liked count, it means none of the users has liked your Spotify playlist.

How to See Who Liked Spotify Playlist [Browser]

[1] Open the browser on the desktop.

[2] Visit the official website of Spotify

[3] Sign In to your Spotify account if needed.

[4] Click Your Library (On the left).

[5] Now, you can see various playlists you have created. Click on the desired one.

[6] You can see the total likes count below the playlist’s name.

How to See Who Liked Spotify Playlist [Desktop App]

You can also view the total likes for your Spotify playlist even in the desktop applications (Windows/Mac).

[1] Open the Spotify web app on the computer.

[2] You can find the Playlists section on the left with the list.

Spotify playlist

[3] Click the desired one.

[4] You can see the total likes below the playlist’s title and description.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to follow a playlist on Spotify?

You can follow a playlist on Spotify in two ways on both the application and the web app. For the web, go to the desired playlists → Three vertical meatballs icon → Add to your library.

2. How to see your Spotify top songs on the web?

Spotify lets users see important stats such as top songs, artists, etc. Launch the desktop Spotify app → Click NameProfileTop tracks this month.

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