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How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

View and manage who recently followed you on Instagram

Key Highlights

  • Method 1: HomeNotificationsView recent followers.
  • Method 2: Profile Followers View recent followers.

Like Twitter, users crave to increase their followers on their Instagram accounts. By increasing followers, you can get more likes and views on the posts. However, if you are using an open account on Instagram, you might get random followers. Therefore, you must always check your Instagram account and see randomly someone who followed you recently to avoid scams and other issues.

How to See Recently Followed Users on Instagram Via Notifications

When a user recently follows you on Instagram, you will be notified with an Instagram notification sound. To check,

[1] Open the Instagram app on your smartphone [Android/iPhone].

[2] Navigate to the Instagram Home page and tap Notifications at the bottom.

Select Notifications icon

[3] On the Notifications page, you can see the recently followed user at the top.

Recently followed user on Instagram

[4] The notification shows you the username and the time started following.

[5] If your Instagram account is Private, you can view the recently received follow requests in the Notifications.

How to View Recent Followers on the Followers List

If you can’t find the recently followed user in the Notifications section, you can view the Followers list to find who recently followed you on Instagram.

[1] On your Instagram app, tap the Profile icon at the bottom.

[2] Next, on the Profile page, tap Followers.

Select the Followers option

[3] You can see the recently followed users at the top of the list.

Recently followed account will be found under All Followers

Aside from viewing recently followed users on your Notifications or Followers list, you can also use third-party applications like Snoopreport to see the followers list on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you limit the comments on Instagram?

Yes. When you have too many followers, you may receive more annoying comments for every post. Therefore, you can limit the comments on Instagram without disabling them.

2. Can you reset Instagram explore page?

Yes. To view new content (posts and reels), you can reset the Instagram explore page on your smartphone app.

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