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How to Start a YouTube Channel with Immediate Traction

Video content is, without a doubt, where modern content creation is at. YouTube, now offering both shorts/reels formats as on TikTok and Instagram,  and their iconic long-format video content is one of the most widely watched video platforms in the world. It’s also the second largest social media platform. With that popularity, however, comes a lot of noise it can be hard to establish yourself. Here are some tips on getting started, and boosting your initial visibility, to help you.

Creating a YouTube Channel

Getting your channel off the ground couldn’t be easier. Business YouTube channels will need a Google account, so set up a Gmail account if you don’t have one already. Hop over to YouTube while you’re logged in, and you’ll see the familiar GSuite icon on the top right. Click on it, and head to ‘My Channel’. Create your channel through the prompts, and you’re almost ready to go.

Here you will fill in your profile pic and banner, channel info, and any links you want to share. It’s wise to fill this in as completely as possible, using unique branding for your channel. Be sure not to ramble on about the company, but rather explain the purpose of the channel and what visitors can expect to see on it. You want to drive subscriptions, not puff yourself up. Likewise, make sure all lead-generating social media, and your website, are linked. This means people can get hold of you easily.

How to Start a YouTube Channel

Channel Optimization

Make sure your channel is clearly branded in the graphics you use. Likewise, prepare yourself a ‘sizzle reel’, a short video that showcases what you are about and why people should subscribe. This will be your YouTube channel trailer. Not only does this help bring in new subscribers, but it also helps retain them in a crowded market. Use a professional video editor to make this as compelling as possible. Now your channel is ready to launch- but how can you pull in those views?

Tips to Get YouTube Subscribers

Remember, your best approach is to use your channel to add value to your audience’s life and cater to their needs, not as a product showcase. It’s also smart to get involved in the wider community, subscribing to channels that would also be of interest to your audience, and commenting among them to boost your own visibility. Avoid direct competitors, of course! Also, consider the following:

  • Produce High-Quality Content: Even if you don’t have a lot of cash to invest, you can create slick, visually appealing videos with high audio quality. No one wants fuzzy visuals and grinding noise. Use the updates and new features YouTube introduces from time to time, like adding timestamps links in videos, subtitles, etc.
  • Have a Strategy: Don’t just fire things into the space randomly. Plan strategically for what you’re uploading and how it ties into your marketing efforts. Know your target audience, upload with them in mind, and focus on why you’re making each piece, rather than just getting it done.
  • Promote Yourself: The organic algorithms on social media no longer favor you, so actively promote yourself, too. From forming strategic partnerships to sharing your uploads across your network, put yourself out there.

YouTube is a valuable long-term marketing investment, but you do need to treat it as part of your marketing strategy and not just something you do for the sake of doing it. With hard work and attention to content quality, success can be had, so hang in there!

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