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How to Turn Off Galaxy S21 [4 Ways]

You can turn off your Samsung Galaxy S21 in different methods from the traditional way

Key Highlights

  • Notification Panel: Swipe down the notification panelTap the Power iconPower Off
  • Press the Power & Volume down buttons simultaneously and tap Power Off.
  • Using the Bixby Voice assistant, you can turn off your Galaxy S21 smartphone.
  • Bixby Key: SettingsAdvanced FeaturesSide KeyPower Off menuLong press Bixby keyTurn off.

In the recent smartphone model, Samsung has changed the power-off method on the Galaxy S21. Unfortunately, the traditional way of turning off smartphones can’t be used on Galaxy S21. Therefore, you need to follow other methods to turn off your smartphone.

Ways to Turn Off Galaxy S21

Follow these four different methods to turn off your Samsung Galaxy S21.

  • Using notification panel
  • Pressing the power & volume down buttons
  • Bixby Voice Assistant
  • Modify the function of the Bixby Key

Tips! You can perform the troubleshooting methods and fix the Samsung Notes app that is not working on your Samsung smartphone.

Using Notification Panel

[1] Swipe down the full notification panel. You can find the Power icon at the top.

[2] Tap the Power icon and choose Power off.

 Tap the Power Off option to Turn Off Galaxy S21

Pressing the Power & Volume Down Buttons

This is the quickest way to turn off your Samsung smartphone.

[1] First, hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together for a few seconds until you get the Power Menu.

[2] Tapping on Power Off will turn off your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Bixby Voice Assistant

You can use the Bixby voice assistant to turn off your Samsung mobile without the aid of a power key. But, ensure that you have enabled Bixby on your Samsung smartphone.

[1] On your Samsung S1, press and hold the Side button.

[2] Sign in to your Samsung account, if required. If you’ve already signed in, ignore it.

[3] Choose your desired language and tap Start.

[4] Click OK after reading the Terms.

[5] After enabling, say “Hey Bixby Turn off the phone,” and it will turn off your phone as requested.

Modify the Function of the Bixby Key

Note: Remapping the side button will disable the Bixby. If you don’t like using the Samsung voice assistant, you can go ahead with this method.

[1] Go to Settings and tap Advanced Features.

select the Advanced Features option

[2] Tap Side Key.

How to Turn Off Galaxy S21- Click Side Key

[3] Under Press and hold, tap the Power Off menu radio button.

Tap the Power Off menu option

[4] Long press the side key on Samsung S21 to bring up the power menu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn off my Samsung Galaxy S21 without a password?

Press and hold the Side and Volume down keys simultaneously. When you get the power menu, tap Power off.

2. How to turn off 5G on Samsung S21 Verizon?

Go to Settings Connections Mobile networks. Following that, click Network operators and tap Turn off.

3. How do I turn off HD Calling on Galaxy S21?

Navigate to Settings → select Network & Internet. Select the Advanced Calling switch and turn off the HD calling on your Samsung smartphone

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