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How to Turn on Dark Mode on Wikipedia Website and App

If you are using Wikipedia app, then you can use the Dark mode feature to protect your eyes from bright light.

Wikipedia is an open-source website that contains most of the information we search for online. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that contains plenty of data that can be added or modified by anyone. It is entirely a free site without any advertisement. You can search for any celebrity info or history or other details on the Wikipedia website. Among the plenty of features available, Dark mode is one important feature. Wikipedia is available as a website and also as an Android & iOS app. You can turn on dark mode on Wikipedia app as it is one of the inbuilt features. You can also turn on dark mode on the website as well.

How to Turn on Wikipedia Dark Mode on Android Devices?

Wikipedia app is officially available on Google Play Store on Android. You can enable the dark mode within the app.

(1) Launch the Google Play Store and search for the Wikipedia app.

(2) Install and open the Wikipedia app.

Install and open App

(3) Tap the three-line icon or More icon on the bottom. In the older version of the Wikipedia app, the More icon will be available on the top.

More icon on the Wikipedia app

(4) Now, select the Settings option.

Settings on Wikipedia

(5) Under settings, tap on the App theme option.

App theme option

(6) Next, a screen appears with 4 options: LIGHT, SEPIA, DARK, and BLACK.

Wikipedia dark or black mode

(7) You have to choose either the Dark or Black option. It will turn your app background dark.

(8) Additionally, here you can adjust your font size to get a comfortable reading experience. If you enable the Match System theme toggle, the Wikipedia app will toggle between light and dark mode based on your smartphone settings.

How to Turn on Wikipedia Dark Mode on iOS Devices

Wikipedia app is also available on App Store as well. Similar to Android, you can also turn on dark mode within the app.

(1) Open the App Store on iPhone or iPad.

(2) Navigate to the search field and type Wikipedia.

(3) Now, click the Get button to install the app on your iPhone.

(4) Launch the Wikipedia app and tap the Settings icon on the top right side of the screen. In the older version of the app, the Settings icon will be on the left side.

Wikipedia iOS app

(5) Select the Reading preferences option.

Reading Preferences

(6) Under this, there are Four reading themes options: Default, Sepia, Dark, and Black.

Default mode on Wikipedia

(7) Tap the Dark or Black option and your app background turns dark.

Wikipedia Dark mode

That’s it, the Wikipedia Dark Mode is enabled on iPhone or iPad. Choose Default to match your iPhone settings. For iPad too, you can follow the same steps to turn on the dark mode on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia night mode iPad

How to Enable Dark Mode on the Wikipedia Website

If you want to access the Wikipedia website in night mode, then you have to install the Night Eye extension.

(1) Open any web browser and visit nighteye.app/how-to-start/.

(2) Then select your browser and install the Night Eye extension.

Night Eye extension

(3) Once the Night Eye is installed on your web browser, it will turn your entire browser background to dark mode.

(4) Now open the Wikipedia website on your PC or desktop and it appears in the dark theme as well.

Wikipedia dark mode

Apart from Night Eye, the Wikipedia night mode extension is available on Chrome store. Install and launch the Wikipedia night mode extension on Chrome browser to enable dark mode on Wikipedia Website. If you want to change the web background, click the extension icon to turn off dark mode.

Wikipedia dark mode

By following the above methods, you can enable dark mode on your Wiki website using any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. The dark mode protects your eyes from the bright light and saves battery life as well.


1. Does Wikipedia have Dark Mode?

Yes, you can turn on the dark mode on both the Wikipedia website and the app.

2. How do I change the theme on Wikipedia?

In Wikipedia, there are four themes available. Light, Sepia, Dark, and Black. Choose a theme based on your preferences.

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