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How to Type e with Accent [Windows & Mac]

The letter ‘e’ in some words has a mark above, and it denotes the variation in pronunciation. It is known as an acute accent and is used in common with words derived from french. Many users are not aware of the difference or don’t know how to insert this letter with the keyboard. There are several methods to type e with an accent on the keyboard.

Depending on the operating systems and documents, there are several methods for typing these accents. Here is how to incorporate the acute accent letter e on the keyboard.

How to Type e with Accent

Type e with Accent Using ALT Code on Windows

To type the letter e with accent on the keyboard, press and hold the alt key along with the alt code. Ensure that the nums lock option is enabled before proceeding with the process. Every letter has a unique alt code.

Alt CodeCharacterAlt CodeCharacter
Alt + 0201ÉAlt + 0233é
Alt + 0200ÈAlt + 0232è
Alt + 0202ÊAlt + 0234ê
Alt + 0203ËAlt + 0235ë

Type e with Accent Using Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

The simplest of all the methods is typing e accent using a keyboard shortcut. However, there are a lot of variations with the letter e accent. Here is how to include the shortcuts.

  • To type è (with grave), press [Option] + [`] + e
  • To type é (with acute), press [Option] + [‘] + e.
  • To type ê (with circumflex), press [Option] + [i] + e.
  • To type ë (with umlaut), press [Option] + [u] + e.

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Type Type e with Accent on Microsoft Products

Other than using alt code, there are different ways to type e accent. On Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can use the insert option to type the e with an accent character. It also applies to Google Docs.

#1. Open the word document, and place the cursor in the desired place.

#2. Select the “Insert” tab, click the symbols option and go to the “more symbols” option.

#3. The symbol dialogue box will pop up. Choose the Latin 1- supplement from the subset drop-down list.

#4. The tab will have all characters, including lower case and upper case.

#5. From the list, select the required one and double click on it.

How to Type e with Accent

You can also access the keyboard shortcuts to insert e with Accent on Microsoft word only.

CTRL + ` Grave + eè
CTRL + ‘ apostrophe + eé
CTRL + ^ caret + eê
CTRL + Shift + ; semicolon + eë

Note – For uppercase, enable the Caps lock and then use the above shortcuts.

Copy and Paste e with accent

The simple way to type e accent on a document without considering the operating system is by copying and pasting it from the internet. The user can make a document of a special character and save it on the desktop if they are frequent users. It saves a lot of time and effort.

The user can also try using the character map option available for the Windows user. It contains almost every symbol or character that would be required in preparing a document.

  • Click on the “Start” menu and select the “Character Map” option
  • From the Character Map dialogue box, select the e accent from the list and copy it.
  • Paste it to the desired document.
How to Type e with Accent

For the above-discussed option, using the alt code option would be the simplest option. But the copy and paste option is the most compatible as it works across the platform including Chromebook. For Mac users, a keyboard shortcut would be the easiest possible option.

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