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How to Type U with Accent on Windows & Mac

Insert U with accent with the built-in shortcuts.

This tutorial will show you how to type the letter ‘u’ with an accent on different devices. Depending on your operating system and the type of document you’re working on, there are several ways to type these accents on letters.

U with Accent

The diacritical markings on the letter ‘u‘ are used to signify stress or a special pronunciation. They’re mostly utilized to change the sound value or pronunciation.

Various Methods to Type U with Accent in Windows

Using ALT codes

By default, Windows Keyboard has alt codes which we can use to insert accent characters. The process involves

  • Long press the ALT key.
  • Enter the respective alt code (mentioned below) to get the required character.
Small u graveALT + 0249ù
Small u acuteALT + 0250ú
Small u circumflexALT + 0251û
Small u umlautALT + 0252ü
Capital U graveALT + 0217Ù
Capital U acuteALT + 0218Ú
Capital U circumflexALT + 0219Û
Capital U umlautALT + 0220Ü

Using Character Map

The Character Map can also be used to copy and paste any sign or character on Windows. It has every symbol and character you want.

[1] Go to the Start button and type in “Character Map.”

[2] Launch the Character Map.

Launch Character Map

[3] Select the U with an accent you want and select the Copy option.

Launch Character Map

[4] Now, paste it anywhere using CTRL + V keys.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts can be used only in the Microsoft products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more.

u with graveCTRL + ` + u
u with accuteCTRL + ' + u
u with circumflexCTRL + ^ + u
u with umlautCTRL + SHIFT + ; + u

Various Methods to Type U with Accent in Mac

On macOS systems, keyboard shortcuts are the best and easiest ways to type accent characters.

u with graveOption + ` + u
u with acuteOption + e + u
u with circumflexOption + i + u
u with umlautOption + u + u
u with tildeOption + n + u

Before typing the shortcuts, enable the Caps Lock to get the upper case characters.

How to Type U with Accent on Microsoft Word and Other Products

Microsoft Products has a built-in symbols library to insert various characters. You can utilize it to insert the U with an accent on both Windows and Mac computers.

[1] Place the cursor in the desired place.

[2] Press the Insert option.

U with Accent

[3] Select SymbolsMore Symbols.

U with Accent

[4] Select Latin-1 Supplement in the Subset section.

U with Accent

[5] Find the U with the accent character you want and double-click on it.

[6] Now, the character will appear on your document.

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U with Accent on Smartphones

U with Accent

Unlike PCs, inserting U with Accent is very simple on Android and iPhone devices. On your keyboard, long-press the “u” letter, and you will get various accents and diacritical symbols.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of various methods, copy and paste the U with Accent character from the internet. It applies to all operating systems, including Chromebook.

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