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How to Use Nike Run Club on Apple Watch

Fulfill all your fitness goals with Nike Run Club on your Apple Smart Watch

Apple Watch is a wearable device made by Apple Inc. It keeps us updated and notified of all our activities without looking at our phone. They operate only with iPhones and do functions such as texting, make calls, hearing music, etc. One of the amazing features of Apple Watch is health monitoring. It lets you regularly monitor your daily moments accurately and keeps a detailed data track about your health. Nike Run Club is one such app for Apple Watch, which lets you monitor your health.

Nike Run Club is one of the best fitness apps used to keep track of all your running and gyming activity. They are similar to Apple’s default health app but have some additional features like GPS run tracking, Audio guided run, Weekly, monthly, or any custom distance challenges, trophies, and badges to celebrate and encourage your achievement and many more.

How to Use Nike Run Club on Apple Watch

Step 1: Open App Store in your Apple watch.

Step 2: Search for the Nike Run Club App or turn the crown button to select from featured apps.

Nike run club - How To Use Nike Run Club On Apple Watch

Step 3: Tap on get icon to download and install it on your watch.

Get - How To Use Nike Run Club On Apple Watch

Step 4: Now, you can keep track of your health and all your roaming activity.

Health monitor - How To Use Nike Run Club On Apple Watch

Connect Nike Run Club App and Apple’s Health App

You can connect your Nike Run Club app with the Apple Health app for more detailed health monitoring. It enables you to view Active Energy, Heart Rate, track your running, walking, and workouts tracked by NRC in the Health app itself.

Step 1: After downloading, open the Nike Run Club app in your iWatch.

Step 2: Tap Review to Allow and authorize the Nike Run Club App to send data to the Health app.

Health access

Step 3: Tap Done to allow permission for both apps to connect with each other.

Now, all your Nike Run Club data will be shared and updated with the Apple health app. It gives you detailed and accurate information about the health attributes of your body.

Start - How To Use Nike Run Club On Apple Watch

Note: If you have purchased Apple Watch Nike, you don’t need to connect these two apps. The device will come with the pre-configured Health and Nike Run Club app.

Other than Nike, all the other Apple watch series should follow the above-mentioned steps to connect Apple watch and Nike Run Club.

Apple watch Nike
Apple Watch Nike

This is how you need to use Nike run club app on iWatch and monitor your activities regularly. Do share what you think about the article in the comment section below.

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