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How to View Private Accounts on TikTok App

View private accounts on TikTok without being monitored

Key Highlights

  • TikTok app: Launch app → Search User → Tap Follow.
  • You can install third-party apps to view private TikTok accounts.

TikTok introduces every feature and update to improve the user experience. Likewise, TikTok offers privacy features for users to use the platform more safely and securely. Some users keep and use their TikTok private. To view the private accounts on TikTok, you should be sent a follow request to follow and view the videos. In addition, you can also use third-party apps to view private accounts on the platform.

How to View Private Account By Following Them on TikTok

The most straightforward method to view a private account on TikTok is to follow the users. This method will work out if the user accepts your request to follow them.

[1] Make sure that the TikTok app is updated on your smartphone. If not, update the app from the AppStore or Play Store and log in with the credentials.

[2] Navigate to the user profile, and if it shows This Account is Private, it means you can’t view the videos of them.

[3] Tap Follow to request.

Press Follow to view private TikTok accounts

[3] Wait until the user accepts your follow request.

[4] Once your request is accepted, view their TikTok account and watch their videos.

How to View Private Accounts Without Following Them on TikTok

If the user declines your follow request, don’t worry, you can also view the private account on TikTok without following them. Install and use third-party apps on your smartphone to view private accounts.


uMobix is one of the most popular platforms for viewing private TikTok content on your smartphone without being monitored. This app is especially used for parents to view their children’s activity on TikTok unnoticed. Besides viewing private accounts, you can also view direct messages, likes, comments, and more using the uMobix app. However, this is a paid app. You should activate the premium version of uMobix after trying the free version.

Install uMobix to view private TikTok accounts


Mspy is a mobile monitoring app where you can view private accounts on social media.The app is supported on Android and iOS devices to view videos on any private account. Apart from viewing private accounts, you can also download private videos directly from TikTok.


Private TikTok

As the name mentioned, Private TikTok helps you to check the private TikTok accounts or contents. This is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool. Unlike the other applications, you must enter the TikTok Username on the checkbox, click Connect and complete the captcha to finish the process. After that, the system will connect the perspective account and be able to view any private account without following them.

Private TikTok


Similar to Private TikTok, you can enter the username on Brinans tool to view the private accounts on TikTok. This bug-free tool is also used to search profiles, media, music, videos, comments, statistics, followers, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you see who viewed your TikTok?

Yes. Like LinkedIn, the TikTok app offers a feature for users to check who has viewed their TikTok profile every 30 days.

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