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How to Watch Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

Watch Apple TV contents on Sony TV easily by downloading the app from the store.

Key Highlights

  • Install Apple TV app: Sony TV home screen → AppsGoogle Play Store → Search for Apple TV → Select the app → Install.
  • Sign in to Apple: Launch the app → Start WatchingSettingsAccountsSign In on This TV → Enter the login credentials.

Apple TV is the perfect application you can install on your Sony Smart TV to purchase or rent your favorite movies. You can also use the application to access the iTunes library on the TV. The Sony Smart TVs, which were released in 2018 & later officially support installing the Apple TV. On 2018, 2019, and 2020 models, you need to update your Sony TV firmware to get the app.

Compatible Sony Smart TVs

YearTV Models
2018A Series – 9F
Z Series – 9F
2019A Series – 9G
X Series – 8500G, 8507G, 8577G, 9500G, and 9507G
Z Series – 9G
2020A Series – 8H and 9S
X Series – 8000H, 8007H, 8050H, 8077H, 8500H, 8550H, 9000H, 9007H, 9077H, 9500H, and 9507H
Z Series – 8H and 9H
2021A Series – 80J and 90J
X Series – 80AJ, 80BJ, 80J, 81J, 85BJ, 85DJ, 85J, 86J, 90J, 90SJ, and X95J
2022A Series – 95K, 90K, and 80K
W Series – 880K, 870K, 830K, 820K
X Series – 95K, 90S, 90K, 90BK, 85K, 85AK, 81K, 81DK, 80SK, 80BK, 75K, 75AK, and 74K
Z Series – 9K

How to Install Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

[1] Turn on your Sony Smart TV and connect it to a standard WiFi connection.

[2] On the home screen of your TV, highlight and select the Apps section.

[3] Select the Google Play Store.

[4] Navigate to the search menu, type Apple TV+ and search for it.

[5] From the search result, select the Apple TV app and click the Install button.

[6] Once the app finishes downloading, click Open to launch the app.

[7] On the welcome screen, click the Start Watching option.

Apple TV on Sony TV - click Start Watching option

[8] On the next screen, select the Settings icon and choose Accounts.

Select the Settings and choose Accounts.

[9] Sign in to the Apple TV account and start streaming the content on your Smart TV. If you have an Apple TV Plus subscription ($4.99/month) with your account, you will get access to stream popular originals.

Sign in to the Apple TV+

[10] After signing in, all the purchased content will be available under the My Library section.

How to Watch Apple TV on Older Sony Smart TVs

Unfortunately, the Apple TV app cannot be installed on older models. However, if you have an older model with HDMI support, you can access Apple TV by connecting external streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, and Chromecast with Google TV. These devices have official access to install the Apple TV app. Connect them to the HDMI port of your TV, and then follow our installation guide to stream the Apple TV contents.

Alternative Way – AirPlay Apple TV on Sony Smart TV

Certain Sony Smart TVs support the AirPlay 2 feature. You can AirPlay the media from your iPhone/iPad if you have a compatible model.

[1] Ensure your Sony Smart TV and iPhone/ iPad are connected to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone/iPad and sign in to the account.

[2] On your Song TV home screen, select the Settings icon.

[3] Select Device Preference, follow that choose the Apple Airplay and HomeKit option.

[4] Now, turn on the Airplay option.

 turn on the Airplay option

[5] On or iPhone, play a title on the Apple TV app.

[6] On the media player, tap the AirPlay icon and select your Sony Smart TV.

[7] Once the connection is established, the video content will play on the Sony TV screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find the Apple TV app on my Sony TV?

If you can’t find the Apple TV app, you need to check whether the Apple TV is compatible with your Sony TV. If it is unsupported, you can use the streaming devices.

Why can’t I sign into Apple TV on Sony TV?

If you had any issues signing in, force close the app and restart your Sony TV before signing in again.

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