Instagram Stories Under 60 Seconds Will No Longer Gets Split Up

Now users can post stories on Instagram without any split up.

You can now post videos on Instagram Stories in under 60 seconds without any split-up! This longer video update on Stories is a relief for users who upload long content. With the new update, users and viewers can watch the video on Instagram without interruption, which is usually frustrating earlier, when a 60-second video will be split into 4 stories.

Similarly, viewers not interested in watching a particular content can skip that video and move to the next in just one tap. They previously needed to tap several times to get through that video.

instagram stories under 60 seconds

Instagram is becoming more of a video-focused platform than its original nature of just photo-sharing. Because they are aware that people are also majorly looking for entertainment aspects in a social media platform today, following the immense reach and success of TikTok, which gave birth to Insta Reels and YouTube Shorts.

In June, Instagram extended Reels’ time limit to 90 seconds from 60 seconds, following its huge success, especially after the ban of TikTok in a few countries like India.

Recently, Instagram also updated a feature that videos less than 15 minutes will automatically convert into Reels, making it clear that Insta is focusing on merging videos with entertainment, which most people get to consume on its platform.

Longer Insta Reels

With the rollouts focusing on entertainment, Instagram will soon focus on releasing privacy features like hiding likes on Instagram posts and many more.

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