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Is it Possible to Jailbreak Apple Watch?

Pros and Cons of jailbreaking Apple watch's default Watch OS

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch with good build quality and a secured operating system. As we know, all Apple devices have native applications and features that the user will not be able to modify due to security reasons. Jailbreaking is preferred by users who wish to run unauthorized applications or software. By doing this, the users will be able to utilize the applications that are unavailable on the App Store. But jailbreaking an iPhone is simpler than doing it on an Apple Watch as it is more complex and least successful. There are few tools available on the market to jailbreak an Apple Watch.

It is not advisable to jailbreak the Apple Watch as it loses its originality, and it is complex to downgrade to the default version. Furthermore, it is a threat to the device as the third-party applications or software may contain harmful content. Most importantly, the users will not be able to claim the warranty over any jailbroken device.

Benefits of Jailbreaking an Apple Watch

By jailbreaking a device, the users will be able to access some applications that the manufacturer intentionally blocks.

Jailbreak Apple watch
  • Jailbroken device offers users a lot of customization options.
  • It allows the users to adjust the interface and access various new widgets.
  • The user can access more themes and watch faces on the Apple Watch.
  • On a jailbroken device, the user can adjust the icon’s size and modify the default timeout setting.
  • The users will be able to access some third-party applications that are not available in the AppStore.0

Negatives of Jailbreaking an Apple Watch

If the user has decided to jailbreak the Apple watch, they might have to compromise and be aware of the upcoming issues they might face.

  • The device’s warranty would become invalid on a jailbroken Apple Watch.
  • There are high chances for the users to harm the device by downloading third-party apps that are not certified by Apple and can infect the device to cause data loss.
  • It can also make the user’s device unstable, so the application might not function properly due to glitches.
  • Apple is known for its safety and reliability, so the experts recommend not jailbreaking the Apple Watch.

Tools to Jailbreak Apple Watch

There are various tools for jailbreaking the Watch. However, this process would not be possible for a user who has updated Apple Watch to the latest version. Each version of watchOS has different tools.

OverClOck – It is a jailbreaking tool that is compatible only with the devices that run on Watch OS 3. The tool is built using native programming languages like Objective C and C. Therefore, it may not be compatible with the latest versions of the watch OS.

JelbrekTime – It is compatible with the Watch OS 4.1 (Apple Watch Series 3 & later). If the user wishes to use it on a different watch OS version, they might have to modify the programming as required. Here the language used to develop this jailbreaking tool would be with a majority of Objective C (86.1%) and C language (13.9%).

Brenbreak – It would be the latest jailbreaking tool compatible with Apple watches that run on the watch OS version 4.0 to 5.1.2. Users have been expecting it for a long time, and it may release at any time sooner.

Though jailbreaking process involves risk, there are various benefits to doing so. It depends on the users to decide whether the risk would be worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Jailbroken Apple watch do?

The jailbroken Watch provides more customization options to the users. It would help the users modify the appearance and interface of the device.

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