Common Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts on Mac and Windows

You can try these Keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used Keyboard symbols on Mac and Windows.

Symbols and emojis are one of the hardest things to type while writing blogs in PC. Communication platforms like WhatsApp, Hangouts will have a separate panel for emojis. But blogging platforms like Wordpress, Quora, and, Medium won’t have the built-in emojis panel. If you want to type an emoji or a symbol, you need to do some workaround. Many think that it is impossible to enter emojis and symbols in the PC keyboard. If you one of them, read this full article to decipher the Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts.

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts hidden in the PC keyboard. You just need to press the correct combination in your keyboard to enter the desired emojis.

List of Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts

The symbols shortcut keys on the keyboard are often called Alt codes. You are using the ALT key for every combination. Turn on the Num Lock and use the num keys in the Numeric pad. If you use the num keys placed above the alphabets, this keyboard symbol shortcuts won’t work.

Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts
Windows Keyboard ShortcutMac Keyboard ShortcutSymbol NameSymbol
Alt + 1Options + 1Smiley
Alt + 2Options + 2Dark smiley
Alt + 3Options + 3Heart
Alt + 4Options + 4Diamond
Alt + 5Options + 5Clubs
Alt + 6Options + 6Spade
Alt + 7Options + 7Dot
Alt + 8Options + 8Dot in a square box
Alt + 9Options + 9Outlined dot
Alt + 10Options + 10Outlined dot ina square box
Alt + 11Options + 11Male
Alt + 12Options + 12Female
Alt + 13Options + 13Musical Note 1
Alt + 14Options + 14Musical Note 2
Alt + 15Options + 15Sun
Alt + 16 Options + 16Forward
Alt + 17 Options + 17Backward
Alt + 18Options + 18Arrowed line
Alt + 19Options + 19Double exclamation
Alt + 20Options + 20Paragraph or Pilcrow

The Alt codes go all the way up to nine digits. In some keyboards, it goes beyond nine digits. For instance the combination ALT + 123456789123 returns â. Explore all the keyboards symbol shortcuts in your free time.

Important Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts

Most of the Alt codes are rarely used. But some important keyboard symbol shortcuts are there. This will save in many situations.

Windows Keyboard ShortcutSymbol NameSymbol
Alt + 0169Copyright©
Alt + 0153Trademark
Alt + 0174Registered®
Alt + 241Plus or Minus±
Alt + 0188Quarter¼
Alt + 0189Half½
Alt + 0190Three quarters¾
Alt + 251Square root
Alt + 0178Squared²
Alt + 0179Cubed³
Alt + 156Pound£
Alt + 0128Euro
Alt + 155 or Alt + 0162Cent¢
Alt + 228SumΣ
Alt + 248Degree°
Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts

Some of the above-mentioned shortcuts will work on Mac keyboards, by pressing the Option key instead of Alt key. If it is not working, use the Emoji & Symbols menu.

These are the different keyboard symbol shortcuts that are available on the Windows and Mac keyboards. Memorize the important and frequently used symbols to enter those symbols in an instant. Comment your favorite keyboard shortcut in the comments below.

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