Motorola with ‘Caring for Razr’ video to notify its users

It advises the users to be careful with the new Razr.

Motorola’s revived Razr is now available to pre-order, the company has released some videos to explain about the model, and it clears that the monitions of other foldable smartphones still apply. The video ‘Caring for Razr’ suggests users keep the screen dry, avoid using screen protectors, careful from sharp objects and close the mobile before placing on your pocket. Also, don’t consider that attempt to exclude the crease on the foldable phone have derived an excellent flat display. From The Verge article, Moto stated its users that “bumps and lumps are normal” in the foldable screen.

These details aren’t a complete surprise, as the brands give remainders that the foldable phones are still in their developing stages. It is important to note that you are spending around $1500 as an early user. The foldable phones will get improve over time and till that the users need to deal with their odds.

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