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How to Watch Netflix on VIZIO TV

Netflix on VIZIO TV is the right choice to enjoy uninterrupted high-quality streaming in your living room.

Netflix is a major streaming choice of people around the world. It is entirely a subscription-based streaming service compatible with all streaming platforms. You can get access to tons of on-demand content across different genres including movies, TV shows, award-winning originals, documentaries, and many more. A cross-platform streaming service officially available on VIZIO TV home entertainment device. VIZIO TV is a fast and easy-to-use device, supports multiple major streaming apps and Netflix is one of them. Netflix on VIZIO TV is the right choice to enjoy uninterrupted high-quality streaming in your living room.

Netflix on VIZIO Smart TV (Using Netflix Remote Button)

The set of Netflix may differ according to the VIZIO remote you are having. If your remote device does come with the dedicated Netflix button, the set up will be very simple and effortless.

#1: Power up your VIZIO Smart TV and connect it to internet.

#2: After that press the Netflix button on the remote, it will take you to the Netflix app.

Install Netflix on VIZIO TV

#3: Now you have to sign in to Netflix app with your Username and Password.

Steps to Get Netflix on VIZIO TV

You can follow the below procedure when the Netflix button is not available on the remote control.

#1: Turn on your VIZIO Smart TV and make sure it is connected to internet.

#2: Now press the V (Vizio Internet Apps) button twice on your VIZIO TV remote.

Press V button

#3: The Apps window will appear on the screen, here scroll and locate the Netflix app.

#4: Select the Netflix app and click OK button remote to start the installation process.

Install Netflix on VIZIO TV

#5: Once the installation is done, select Sign in option.

#6: Enter your Netflix sign in credentials to get in to the app.

Sign in to Netflix

#7: Now choose your favourite title and stream them on VIZIO TV.

How to Sign Up for Netflix on VIZIO TV?

#1: Open the Netflix app and select YesAre you a member of Netflix?, instead of Sign in option.

#2: Choose the Plan and provide all the necessary information.

Choose a plan

#3: Then make the payment for your Plan.

#4: Once the Sign Up process is completed, an activation code will appear on the TV screen.

#5: Now open the web browser and visit

#6: Then enter the Activation Code in the appropriate text box and click Activate.

That’s it, the Netflix app is successfully activated.

How to Sign Out of Netflix from VIZIO TV?

If you had decided to deactivate or delete existing Netflix account or use another account, you need to sign out from Netflix.

#1: Go to Netflix app select Settings icon.

#2: Under settings choose Sign out.

#3: Then select Yes from the confirmation prompt. Instantly the sign-in screen will appear.

Other than settings, you can sign out from Netflix on VIZIO TV easily by using the combination of following remote buttons.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. It will show the options to exit from Netflix on your VIZIO Smart TV.

Sign out Netflix

To Conclude

These are the direct methods to install and stream Netflix on VIZIO TV. Other than direct installation you can use the built-in Google Chromecast feature on Vizio TV to cast the Netflix to TV from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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