New Bluetooth audio standard assures improved sound and audio sharing

The advantages include broadcast audio, new codec and hearing aid support.

Bluetooth SIG has announced, Bluetooth is acquiring its new standard with LE (low-energy) audio. It is not like common Bluetooth formats like Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth 5, and this brings a new standard to Bluetooth audio.

Over classic Bluetooth, the LE audio standard has advantages like hearing aids and audio sharing. Music sharing is possible with the new role of broadcast audio which features in low-energy audio format. With this, people can share their listening audio on the smartphone or other devices with other nearby people. For example, a person can share music with family and friends, and even companies or institutions could broadcast audio to the public by using this feature.

LE audio format uses the new codec, the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) as a betterment to provide high sound quality with low power. It could even help the developers to design apps that won’t affect the battery life of the device. It also enables the transmission of multiple audio streams which helps the developers to make an advance in stereo imaging experience on products like wireless earbuds.

The Bluetooth specifications of LE audio will be released in the first half of this year, corroborates Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

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