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How to Watch Philo on Chromecast Connected TV

Make use of "Philo Connect" to cast Philo from Android device to Chromecast connected TV.

Philo is a subscription-based streaming platform, founded in 2009. With its subscription, you will get access to more than 60 live TV channels along with unlimited DVR storage support. Popular channels like BBC America, A&E, MTV, TLC, Comedy Central, and much more are available in Philo. The subscription starts at $20 per month with a seven day trial period. If you have a Chromecast on your home, you can easily cast Philo on Chromecast to watch your favorite channel on a bigger screen.

Philo on Chromecast

Recently, Philo has released the Chromecast support for Smartphone versions. However, it is only available for Android smartphones. We can expect the same for the iOS app in the near future. You can cast Philo contents to Chromecast in three different ways:

  • Using an Android smartphone or tablet
  • Using iPhone
  • Using Chrome browser on PC

Note: Connect your casting device to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.

Chromecast Philo using Android

For Android smartphones, Philo has updated the app with the Philo Connect feature. Using the feature, you can cast the video files to any casting device. With Philo Connect, you can navigate within the app while casting. It won’t disturb the casting.

(1) On your Android smartphone, update the Philo app from the Play Store.

Philo on Chromecast

(2) Open the Philo app and tap on the Device Picker icon on the top-right corner.

(3) A list of available casting devices will appear. Select your Chromecast device.

(4) Play any video file from the app, it will appear on your TV via Chromecast.

(5) If you want to stop the casting, click the Device Picker icon again and choose Stop Casting.

Chromecast Philo using iPhone

Unlike Android, you can cast Philo live TV contents directly from the iPhone version. First of all, you need to mirror your iPhone screen on the Chromecast, and then, you can cast the Philo contents.

To screen mirror your iOS screen to Chromecast, you need to install the Chromecast Streamer app from the Apple Store.

(1) Open the Chromecast Streamer app on your iOS device.

(2) It will search for a nearby Chromecast device. When it is detected, tap on it.

(3) On the next screen, choose the Screen Mirror option.

(4) Click the Start Mirroring button to begin the screen mirroring.

(5) When the screen mirroring is done, you will see your entire iOS screen on your Chromecast.

(6) Open the Philo app and stream your TV channel that you intend to. It will appear on your TV through Chromecast.

(7) To stop the mirroring, click the Start Mirroring button again on the Chromecast Streamer app.

Cast Philo to Chromecast using PC

(1) On your PC or Mac, open the Chrome browser and go to the Philo website.

(2) Log in with your account if you’re logged out.

(3) Now, right-click on your mouse and choose the Cast option.

Cast option

(4) Your PC will look for a nearby Chromecast device. When it is detected, click the Sources drop-down button and choose the Cast Desktop option.

Philo on Chromecast

(5) After this, your entire PC screen will be mirrored to your Chromecast.

(6) Play your favorite channel, it will appear on your Chromecast connected TV.

(7) If you want to stop the casting, click the Cast icon on the Extension bar and tap on the Chromecast device connected.

These are the different ways to cast Philo on Chromecast connected TVs. Pick a method based on the casting device that you have and start watching Philo contents on Chromecast connected TV or the TVs with built-in Chromecast support. If you have any doubts, please lets us know through the comments section.

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