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Plates App – Photography App for Curating Your Photos

Instagram is not a photo-sharing app anymore. Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri has hinted at this multiple times. In the recent updates, the organic reach of content creators who purely create still photos has been limited in favor of pushing reels on the platform. Users are constantly forced to post reels and watch ads. If they don’t, they are penalized by the platform by limiting their reach. There is a need for a free platform from such malicious algorithms and ads. A platform that does not sell its data and treats all kinds of content creators equally.

One such platform is Plates. Built around the idea of meaningful content creation and collaboration. “Plates app” replaces conventional hashtags with a powerful combination of collaboration and curation tools, as well as respect for users’ privacy.

Plates App

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What You Can Do With Plates App?

With Plates, you create a plate, which is nothing but a photo album. It could be based on different types of content you create, like different kinds of photography that you publish, your trips, or anything that floats your boat. And then, you post photos relevant to the Plate. It allows you to organize your photos and publish different streams of content under the same account without worrying about messing up the overall theme of your account. You can add co-curators to your plates for shared experiences like photo walks, trips, etc. Below are some screenshots that show how a plate is created and photos are uploaded under them.

Plates App

The application is available for iOS and Android platforms. Just head to the App Store and install it on your device. Plates app has photographers from all parts of the world specializing in different kinds of photography for you to learn and take inspiration from! You can check it out here.

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