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How to Get Pokemon GO on Apple Watch

Is it possible to get Pokemon Go on Apple Watch?

Pokemon GO is one of the best AR games available for smartphones. The Pokemon GO game encourages users to do physical tasks like walking and running. By linking the Pokemon GO game with your Apple Watch, you can track your walking history and notifies about Pokestops nearby. It is one of the useful features of playing the Pokemon GO game without using the iPhone.

Update: On June 01, 2019, the Pokemon Go developers, Niantic, released a note saying that they would stop the game for Apple Watches. And, exactly after a month, on July 09, 2019, the game was removed from the Apple Watch.

How to Configure the Pokemon GO App on Apple Watch

1. Install the Pokemon GO game on iPhone or iPad from the App Store. Then, create a Pokemon GO account on your smartphone.

2. Open the Watch app on the iPhone and select the Pokemon GO game.

3. Enable the Show App on Apple Watch to access the application using your Apple Watch.

Show App on Apple Watch option

4. Now, open the Settings option from the home screen of the iPhone device.

5. Scroll down to the Privacy option and click on the Health tab from the list.

privacy tab on iPhone

6. Now, the user can choose Pokemon GO to sync the app with the tracking application.

Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

7. Enable all the switch buttons of all the available categories.

One of the primary features of this application is that it keeps running in the background. It helps track the user’s activities and offers rewards based on the activities.

Adventure Sync in Pokemon GO

It is a great initiative where the users are encouraged to go out and catch Pokemon. The application comes with an Adventure Sync feature. This feature has broken the myth that games have made kids lazy. So this application gets the data of the user’s activity through the Apple Health App. And it has assigned several targets as a milestone. Once the user reaches it, they will be awarded buddy candies and an opportunity to hatch eggs. But the users whose level is five and above will only be able to participate in the Adventure Sync.

How to Sync Pokemon GO to Apple Health

It is a simple process where the user can sync the game application with Apple Health. By doing this, the game will be able to access the data from Apple Health and give rewards to the users based on their achievements.

1. Open the Pokemon GO game on the iPhone.

2. Now, click on the Main Menu option available on the device.

3. Click on the Settings tab

Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

4. scroll down to the Adventure Sync option and tick the check box.

Settings option on Pokemon Go

4. A pop-up screen will appear asking for permission to access the data of Apple Health.

Enable Adventure Sync for Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

5. Grant the permission, and the process will happen on its flow.

Once the process is completed, the user must wait for the app to sync the data. Usually, it takes only a few minutes to share data, but it might take hours to sync in some circumstances.

How to Check if the Apple Health is Connected to Pokemon GO

At times, the user might experience the issue of not tracking the fitness activities. So the user has to ensure that Apple Health and Pokemon GO are correctly synced.

1. Open the Apple Health application on the iPhone and click on the Sources option. Apple Health is a built-in health app on Apple Watch to track physical activities.

2. Navigate to the Apps section on the device and ensure that the Pokemon Go option is enabled.

3. If the application is not synced, the user has to repeat connecting Apple health with Pokemon GO.

Tip: If you are collecting rare cards from Pokemon, check out our curated list of best apps to track Pokemon card prices.

Why Pokemon GO is removed from Apple Watch

Though the Pokemon GO game for Apple Watch is a welcomed feature, it had a short run. Within three years, the game was removed from Apple Watch devices. There are some reasons and speculations around this exit. Some of them are,

  • The main reason is that the developers want the game to be played on a single device rather than syncing between two devices.
  • The live tracking feature on the Apple Watch is consuming too much battery. Only a few Apple Watch users are using the Adventure Sync feature.
  • For a lot of users, the sync feature has a lot of pairing and tracking issues.

What is your view on this move? Are you missing the Adventure Sync feature? Tell us in the comments section.

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