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How to Delete or Remove Twitter Profile Picture

Is it possible to delete profile picture on Twitter?

Key Highlights

  • You can’t delete the profile picture on Twitter. You can remove only the header image.
  • To remove the header image, open the Twitter app → tap on the Profile picture → click on Profile → choose Edit profile → select the current header image → tap the Delete icon → Save the changes.

Twitter is a popular platform where you share your thoughts through Tweets. Like other platforms, you can set a picture for your Twitter profile to gain more followers. Once you have assigned a picture to your Twitter profile, you can’t remove or delete it. You can only change it to a new one. On the other hand, you can remove the cover picture from your profile.

How to Remove Header Picture on Twitter Using Android & iPhone

1. Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone and tap the profile picture at the top right corner.

2. Choose Profile Edit Profile from the available options.

Twitter Profile Menu

3. Now, you will see your header profile picture above your profile picture.

4. Tap on the current Header picture and choose the Remove Header option (On iPhone – Tap the Delete icon).

Delete Header Picture on Twitter

5. Finally, tap the Save button to remove your profile image.

Save the changes

How to Remove Header Picture on Twitter Using Desktop [Windows & Mac]

1. Open a browser and visit the Twitter Website.

2. Log in to your account by entering the necessary credentials.

3. Choose the Profile option on the left side menu pane.

Twitter Profile menu

4. Select the Edit Profile option.

How to Remove Header Picture on Twitter

5. Tap the X icon located on the current header image.

How to Remove Header Picture on Twitter

6. Click on the Save button to apply the changes.

Save the changes

How to Change Profile Picture on Twitter

1. Launch the Twitter app on your smartphone.

2. Log in to your Twitter account if you’re logged out.

3. Tap on your Profile image and choose the Profile option.

4. Now, tap the Edit profile button below the cover picture.

5. Tap the Camera icon located on the profile picture.

Tap the Camera icon

6. Now, choose a picture from your device gallery or take a new one with your camera.

7. Edit the picture according to your convenience by zooming in or out.

8. Finally, tap the Apply button at the top right corner.

You can also change it using the web version.

  • Log into your account on
  • Tap the ProfileEdit Profile option.
  • Tap on your current profile picture.
  • Choose the new image and tap the Apply button.

Create A New Twitter Account

If you really want to remove the profile picture from yoru Twitter picture, delete the current Twitter account and create a new one. While signing up, don’t add a new picture. The account will use the default avatar of Twitter.

Alternatively, download a blank white or black picture from the internet and use it as your profile picture.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to deactivate your Twitter account?

Open the Twitter app → tap the Profile pictureSettings & SupportSettings and privacyYour AccountDeactivate your account → read the deactivation details → tap Deactivate → enter your Twitter password → Deactivate your account.

Is the Twitter app free to use?

Yes. Twitter is completely free to use. But users can get a Blue subscription to unlock features like themes, bookmark folders, undo tweets, and more.

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