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How to Monitor your Digital Assets Usage with Reverse Image Search API

Secure your digital assets with Invisible watermark and reverse image search API

Confused about how to prevent or detect unauthorized usage of your digital assets, images, and videos? It is not an issue anymore. The technology enhancements would help us track the usage of our visual content, preventing it from being used unofficially. Using the Reverse Image Search API could be one of the efficient methods to track and spot the images or videos that match.

Though there are some determined tools available to do this job. IMATAG has made the process more clear and efficient, protecting digital assets that are registered with their Invisible Watermark.

What are the Key Benefits of Using this Tool?

To protect your digital content, they apply an invisible watermark with data that has an encryption key. So, now this tool will help us find the unauthorized usage, even when they compress, crop, scale, or take a screenshot of the image.

  • Forensics or Traitor Tracing – By watermarking your content before publishing, you can identify the source when the images are leaked.
  • Copyright or Proof of Ownership – Applying the invisible watermark could be the only proof to certify that the image on the internet was done by you.
  • Error-Free Visual Recognition – The accuracy of the similar reverse image search API could not be as efficient as this particular tool. Here the invisible watermark helps us find the certified matches.

Who can Rely on this Tool?

Though securing the digital content would not be a big deal for many. Some below-listed businesses focus more on securing their images or visual content from unauthorized usage.

  • Brands
  • Industries
  • Media
  • Corporates
  • Retail

What are the Performing Technologies that the Tool Provides?

There are a few technologies that make this tool more efficient. It helps organizations and businesses secure their digital content. However, many similar tools perform the same task, so it could be hard for us to choose.

Invisible Watermarking

When you register your digital content with IMATAG, they will apply hidden identifiers as an Invisible Watermark. The watermark applied to the image or videos would remain invisible to the human eyes. Moreover, by doing so, they would be integrating some data as an encryption key. It cannot be removed and will be on the image even after the modifications are done.

Visual Recognition

This is where the Reverse Image Search comes into play. They would reach out to millions of searches per day, this is done to compare the images or any other digital contents that match your content. Most importantly, this feature is so efficient that they would recognize the contents even when they are modified by cropped or compressed.

Custom Crawling

A custom crawling option can check the digital data on all public pages. Moreover, in this scenario, our custom crawlers provide images or videos that match most from the search database.

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