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How to Add Showtime on YouTube TV [Browser/App]

Add Showtime on YouTube TV and enjoy watching the content.

Key Highlights

  • Browser/Android app: Visit YouTube TV site or AppSign InProfile PictureSettingsMembershipAdd Showtime → Ok.

Showtime is one of the popular streaming platforms known for its horror-based content. Apart from the horror, you can stream content on Sports, Comedy, and more. If you are looking to add a streaming add-on based on horror content, you can include Showtime on YouTube TV.

How Much Does Showtime Add-On Cost on YouTube TV?

The YouTube TV subscription plan starts from $65.99/mon, including 85+ channels. Also, YouTube TV has nearly 25+ premium add-on channels. You can add Showtime on YouTube TV by subscribing at $11/mon along with your regular YouTube TV subscription package.

The regular Showtime bundle costs $11.99/mon and $119.99/year for Essential. For Premium, it costs $14.99/mon and $149.99/year. However, by adding Showtime on YouTube TV, you can access additional channels from the local channels.

How to Add Showtime on YouTube TV [Browser]

[1]. On your web browser, visit

[2]. Click Sign In and log in to your account.

[3]. Further, click the Profile picture (top-right).

[4]. Click Settings Membership from the left side panel.

[5]. You can now see the list of available channels.

[6]. Scroll down and find Showtime from the list.

Add Showtime on YouTube TV on PC

[7]. Click the checkbox next to Showtime. Now, click OK to confirm the action.

Tips! If you are unsatisfied with the content or service, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription anytime you wish.

How to Add Showtime on YouTube TV [App]

[1]. Launch the YouTube TV app on your Android smartphone.

[2]. Tap on your Profile Picture and select Settings from the list.

[3]. Further, tap Membership.

[4]. A list of available add-on channels will appear on the screen.

[5]. Scroll down, select Showtime from the list, and tap the checkbox.

Add Showtime on YouTube TV on Android

[6]. Click Agree or OK to confirm.

Note: You can’t buy any premium add-ons on iOS devices. Instead, you need to open the default web browser on your iOS device and add the premium add-ons to your YouTube TV membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get the HBO channel on YouTube TV?

Yes. You can get the HBO channel on YouTube TV membership. If you want additional channels like Max Originals, etc., you can get them on the HBO Max application.

2. Is Showtime available on Apple TV?

Yes. You can install Showtime on Apple TV from the App Store. Go to App Store → Search → Showtime → Get → Install

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