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How to Get TradingView Free Trial for 30-Days

Sign up for the 30-day free trial on TradingView before purchasing the premium version.

Key Highlights

  • Visit → Get StartedSign UpEmail → Enter the required details → Create Account → Choose the plan → Enter the payment details → Start 30-day free trial.

TradingView is a platform where traders, educators, and investors can analyze trade information with a neat graphical representation. Accurate leads and an easy-to-understand platform help beginners learn to trade comfortably on the service. To get to know more about TradingView, you can sign up for its free trial period of 30 days and get to use its premium features.

TradingView Pricing

The service offers three different monthly and annual plans for its users. You can get a 30-day free trial on all the available plans.


How to Get TravingView Free Trial for 30-Days Using a Browser

1: Open a browser on your PC or smartphone and visit the TradingView website.

2: Select the Get started button in the top right corner of the website.

3: On the next page, select the Sign-up button on the top and move on to the next step.

4: In the next step, select the Email option and move to the sign-up process.

Select any social media platform

5: Enter a unique username, email address, and password. Finally, tap on the click on Create account.

Enter your personal details and create an account on TradingView

6: In your mentioned email address will receive an activation link. Open the mail from TradingView and click on Activate account button.

7: In the next step, enter your name and click on the Continue button.

8: Now, you have created an account on TradingView.

After creating the account, you must select an active subscription plan to get the free trial.

Select a plan to avail TradingView free trial

9: Select a subscription plan on the page and move to payment details.

10: Enter your payment details, and check out the terms and conditions check box on the left side of the page.

3: Select the Start 30-day free trial button on the right side of the page and confirm your payment.

Select Start 30-day free trial button

Tips! In low-light conditions, you can enable and use dark mode on TradingView to reduce eye strain.

How to Cancel TradingView Free Trial

1: Open a web browser, visit the TradingView website, and log in with your account.

Steps to cancel TradingView free trial

2: Select the profile icon on the top and select the Account and Billing option.

3: Under the billing tab, select the Cancel free trial button.

If you have purchased the free trial from a TradingView mobile app, you need to cancel the subscription from the App Store or Google Play Store on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which TradingView plan is best to purchase?

With the TradingView Premium subscription, you can access all the available features, which is good for users who trade actively.

Why is my TradingView free trial not working?

You cannot get the feature if you have already subscribed to the free trial. When the system finds it out, it will flag your account and prompts you to sign up for a premium plan.

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