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How to Link Twitch Emotes on Discord Server

To make your chat more fun, you can use emotes from other live streaming apps like Twitch

Discord is a popular messaging application used in the gaming community. With the help of this app, gamers can communicate their friends to discuss their game strategy and the things related to the games. For communication, the application offers text messaging, voice calling and video calling. Users can use the emotes to make the chat more fun and interesting. Discord also offers you the features to link the emotes that you’re using in Twitch, another popular used to Livestream gaming videos. To use Twitch emotes on discord, you need to link your Twitch account with the discord server.

How to link and use your Twitch emotes on discord?

(1) Open a web browser and visit

(2) Sign in with your login credentials.

(3) On the bottom left corner, click the Settings icon located next to your name.

Twitch Emotes on Discord Server

(4) Select the Connections menu located on the left side panel.

(5) Click the Twitch icon located under the CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNTS menu.

Click on the Twitch icon

(6) A new tab will appear on the screen. Enter your Twitch login details and tap Login.

(7) Wait for your Twitch account to connect with the discord.

Link Twitch Emotes on Discord Server

(8) Once connected return to the main screen and click the + icon on the left side panel to create a new discord server.

Add a Server - Link Twitch Emotes on Discord Server

(9) Tap Create a Server.

Create a Server

(10) Enter server name, picture and tap Create to complete the process.

Enter Name and click Create

(11) Now, invite your friends to the server by sending the invite link.

(12) Adding the friends, right-click the server name on the left side panel and select Server Settings.

Server Settings - Twitch Emotes on Discord Server

(13) Click the Integration menu and make sure that your Twitch account is linked. Also, make sure that checkbox indicating the Sync menu is enabled.

(14) With sync enabled, your Twitch emotes will be imported to the discord server. You can use it to chat with your friends in the discord server.

Along with Twitch emotes, users can also add new emotes from the server settings. To do this:

  1. Right-click the server name on the left-side panel
  2. Select Server Settings.
  3. Click Emoji.
  4. Click Upload Emoji.
  5. Add the file and use it while chatting.

Note: Discord supports adding only a limited number of emotes while Sharing Screen on Discord.

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