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How to Install and Stream Vimeo on Firestick

Download the Vimeo app on the Firestick to watch the videos on the TV.

Vimeo is a streaming platform to watch a wide variety of videos. It has a lot of live streaming and events happening around the world. The Vimeo app has a basic and user-friendly interface for easy streaming. It offers videos for streaming in 1080 HD quality, and you can stream some of the videos in 4K quality. The Vimeo app is compatible with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. You can install the Vimeo app on the Firestick device and watch the videos of your favorite creators.


Vimeo app streams the videos without any ads. You can follow the creators and celebrities to get their new videos on the feed instantly. It has excellent media playback support, and it offers a special playlist with documentaries, animation videos, more. You can add the videos in the Watch Later list to stream anytime as per your wish. The app can download the videos for offline streaming.

Vimeo Subscription

Vimeo has a paid subscription for streaming the videos. It has three types of subscriptions with variations in the live streaming and number of access. The subscriptions are Plus, Pro, and Premium. The Plus plan is for a single user, and Pro & Premium plans can be accessed by three users.

Subscription PlanCost per monthStorageLive Streaming
Plus$7250 GB5GB/ week
Pro$201TB20 GB/ week

How to Stream Vimeo on Firestick

(1). Plugin the Firestick device into the HDMI port of the TV and start the Firestick.

(2). Click the Search option in the Find tab.

Select Search option

(3). Enter Vimeo in the search and choose the app from the suggestions.

(4). Click Get to install the Vimeo app on the Firestick.

(5). Select Open to launch the Vimeo app and click Login.

(6). It displays an Activation Code on the TV screen.

(7). Open the Google Chrome browser and go to the Vimeo website on the PC.

(8). Sign in to your Vimeo account and enter the Activation Code.

Sign in to Vimeo Account

(9). Choose the content to stream on the Firestick.

Alternative Method

You can also install the Vimeo app on the Firestick device from the Amazon site. The apps downloaded on the site will be installed on the Firestick device instantly and ready for streaming.

(1). Open the Google Chrome browser on the PC and visit the Amazon website.

(2). Sign in to the Firestick logged-in account on the website.

(3). Search for the Vimeo app on the App Store and select the app from the list.

Choose the Vimeo app

(4). Click Get App to install and choose the Firestick device to download the app.

(5). Launch the Vimeo app on the Firestick and activate the app using the above steps.

The Vimeo app is one of the best video streaming apps and it offers endless entertainment without any interruptions. It has a share option to send the videos to your friends and family. The explore section brings trending and unique videos every time you search.

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