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Vumoo – Stream Latest Movies for Free

Vumoo is a entertainment hub to watch all the latest movies and tv shows for free.

Vumoo is an online site or webpage that features various films, dramas, and animated movies for kids. This platform streams anything and everything from movies to sports to documentaries. You can stream video content from Korea, China, and Japan along with English subtitles. You don’t have to register or subscribe to stream the content. The UI of this site is very intuitive. The main attraction to streaming content from this site is UI, ease of use, popularity, library, limited ads, huge collections of popular movies, etc.

Is Vumoo Legal?

Vumoo is an illegal online streaming site as it breaks many international copyright laws. The contents you stream on this site aren’t updated with the owner’s permission. All the movies and TV shows on this website are updated without the owner’s consent. In other words, it is known as Piracy. Piracy is illegal in most countries, and there are strict rules & penalties for this crime. These websites may often shut down for breaching copyright laws. The users may also be liable to the punishments by the government based on the country they live in.

Why do You need a VPN for Vumoo?

VPN is becoming one of the necessary tools for streaming. Many streaming sites feature illegal content. Using VPN will hide your IP address. So you will be staying anonymous on the internet, and no one can track your source. Moreover, not all streaming sites or specific contents are available in every region. There are geo-restrictions for streaming on certain sites. With a VPN, you can easily bypass those restrictions and stream your desired content anywhere around the globe. Here are the few VPN services that you can try:


  • Vumoo offers high-definition and quality videos of various movies and TV series to stream.
  • It features Hollywood, Japanese, Korean and Chinese movies.
  • The site is compatible with devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • You can stream the contents simultaneously on various devices with different URLs.
  • It is one of the most reliable streaming services that allow you to access various accurate international content.
  • As the platform operates under different URLs, you can get simultaneous streaming.
  • It provides hassle-free streaming without buffering.

Contents Offered

Vumoo is only for movies. There are no TV shows or web series available on the platform. The movies offered are listed on the homepage itself. As of now (30th April 2022), more than 31,600+ movies are available on the platform.

On the website, you can find movies from all categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Romance, and more.

Website Design

The website is well designed without any cluttering. With minimal buttons, the website is easy to navigate. On the homepage, you will have only two buttons. Home button and Genres button. Clicking the Home button will direct you to the home page. Clicking or hovering over the Genres button will list the different genres available on the website.

Search box

On the homepage, you will have five banners popping up for the trending movies. In one banner, you will get two movies. At the top, you will get all the alphabet buttons. Clicking on this button will display you the movies starting with the respective letter. On the right side, you have the genres list with the movies count next to it.

Search results

The Search icon is located at the top. When you start to search for a movie, you will get instant suggestions list. When you type a full movie name and search for it, you will get the full list of related movies with a short description.

Compatible Devices

Vumoo can be streamed by using the following devices:

  • Android,
  • Windows,
  • Mac,
  • iOS,
  • Firestick, and
  • Devices that had web browser support.

How to Watch Vumoo

You can stream the content from Vumoo as long as you can use a web browser on your device.

1. Launch any desired web browser on your Windows or Mac PC, phone, streaming device, or smart TV.

2. Go to the official Vumoo site.

Vumoo homepage

3. Select the movie you would like to stream.

4. On the next screen, click the Play button.

5. The movie will play on your device immediately.

Playback Screen Layout

On the playback screen, you will find all the common control buttons. There is a Play/Pause button, Audio control, and timestamp button on the left side of the playback screen.

Vumoo playback screen

On the right side, you have the Download, Subtitles, Settings, Picture In Picture, and Full-Screen toggle. Clicking the Download button will redirect you to the Downloads page. There, you can choose the video quality and download the movie. Click the Settings icon to change the subtitles language and time speed. Vumoo is one of the few streaming sites that offer customization in subtitles. You can change the subtitle’s font color, opacity, size, style, character edge, background color, background opacity, window color, and window opacity.

Alternatives for Vumoo


  • You can stream the videos in HD quality.
  • The users can download the videos for free.
  • You can find various popular movies and TV shows on this site.


  • It fetches contents from elsewhere and streams those on its site.
  • Sometimes, loading content on this site can give you viruses.
  • Lots of annoying ads.

So that is all about Vumoo. You can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows. This is a free site and doesn’t charge you for anything. Don’t forget to use a VPN while streaming to stay away from the issues. Do let us know your opinions in the comment section below. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to read our review articles instantly.


1. Is Vumoo free?

Yes, Vumoo is a free platform. You can stream all the

2. Is Vumoo down?

Vumoo was down for a certain period of time. Now, they are providing services under a different URL.

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