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What Does Idle Mean on Discord?

Understand what idle and other status means on Discord application.

Discord is very popular among gamers and people who do podcasts. It has an option for the user to mention the status that indicates how active you are on Discord. Some users will appear as Idle as a status in the place of Online or Offline. What does Idle mean on Discord? The Idle status does not mean that the user has quit Discord. Instead, it means the user is inactive and has not interacted with it for a few minutes.

By default, the Discord app will change the person to Idle status if they are inactive. It is represented using a yellow crescent moon-shaped icon. It is to denote that the person is away right now and would not be able to respond immediately.

Different Status Available on Discord

Like other social media platforms, Discord also marks the users with their activity status. It helps fellow users with their availability on the platform.

Status available on Discord

Online – It is to denote that you are available online. So the fellow user can know that the person is available and would be ready to respond immediately.

Idle – The Idle state means the user is away from reachable for a few minutes. So it is understood that the user is away from the device and will not be able to acknowledge it immediately. But they will receive notifications as usual.

Do Not Disturb – This status shows the fellow user that we are not available and prefer not to be disturbed. By enabling this, it automatically mutes Discord-related notifications. It has to be set manually to inform others that you are busy.

Streaming – It shows that we are streaming on Discord using twitch. For this, streamer mode has to be turned on manually.

Offline – The offline status is set by the Discord automatically when the user is away. It happens when you have not opened Discord for a longer duration.

Invisible – This is similar to the Offline status. However, it has to be done manually, so the fellow user will see you as offline even if the Discord app is open at your end.

Phone – A small phone symbol in green color appears on the user’s avatar. By looking at it, people think that we are accessing the Discord app on a Mobile Phone.

Methods to Change Status to Idle Manually on Desktop

Here is how to modify the Discord status manually on a desktop version or the web version of Discord.

1. Open the application on the desktop and navigate to the avatar icon.

Profile picture icon

2. Click on the Discord profile picture available in the bottom-left corner.

3. Now, scroll down the list and click on the Idle status option.

Methods to Change Status to Idle Manually on Mobile

Discord app is compatible with both Android and iPhone/iPad platforms. Get the app from the respective app store before changing the status.

Hamburger menu on Discord app

1. Launch the application on the Mobile device and tap the Hamburger menu in the top-left corner.

Profile picture icon - What Does Idle Mean on Discord

2. On the new screen, click on the profile icon in the screen’s bottom right corner.

Set status option in Discord

3. Scroll down to find the user settings option from the list.

Different status available on Discord

4. Now, we will have the option to set status from the available option.

5. Finally, select the Idle in the Set Status menu. So the account status would be Idle on the Discord.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Idle mean in discord application?

The Status Idle in Discord means that the user has the Discord open but has not looked at it for a while.

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